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what is your menu for the week?

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    this menu sounds good to me . Thanks
    Originally posted by previouscrichton View Post
    Monday - bbq chicken, cornbread, green beans

    Tuesday - tacos using ground turkey, refried beans, salsa

    Wednesday - red beans and rice (me) and mac-n-cheese (DS) - DH is working

    Thursday - ravioli & sauce, garlic toast

    Friday - fish sticks, mashed potatoes, green beans or peas

    Saturday - beef steaks, corn on the cob, cornbread (again!)

    Sunday - rotini pasta bake with shredded cheese

    FRI, SAT, and SUN may vary since we are going shopping on Friday and any good deals will supercede the menu items we have there now. **wink**


      Thanks for all the tips . I'm new to this site and found your blog very very interesting .Thank you


        I build my menu around sales or what I have in the freezer. If you know what you're going to cook for at least a week, you can make sure that all of the ingredients that you need will be bought ahead of time. It's just freeing to have a menu. I also have a stand-by menu day in case plans change. Thanks for all the menu's listed here. They are a great help to all of us.


          Whatever teh person I'm housesitting for has. Today it's leftover pad thai for breakfast, mac and cheese for lunch, and spinch and half a grilled chicken breast for dinner. All the lower fat options as possible. It's been kinda nice that I am only cooking for one. I've been eating less and putting it away right afterward, preventing snacking.


            Back to basics with menu planning

            I can't believe its over year since I review my menus plans. Still I'm having the same things. I do think it's time for a review of this thread as there is another thread on menu planning.


              Some weeks we plan our menu (such as when I do a 15 day meal plan), some weeks I like to pick and choose each day based on what I need to use up in the pantry / freezer.

              This week was a "no plan" week.

              So far, we've had...

              Monday: We ate at a local steakhouse buffet (hubby had worked for 24 hours straight and needed massive amounts of meat to revive him!)

              Tuesday: "Breakfast for Dinner" - Grits, Stewed Tomatoes, Banana Nut Pancakes, Sausage & Onions, Tortillo Bread

              Wednesday: We're eating at my parents

              Thursday: Black Eye Peas & Rice, Cornbread Muffins (and probably something else)