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Made dal chicken last night

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    Made dal chicken last night

    It turned out really good and is both cheap and healthy. I put all ingredients into the crock pot and cooked it for 4 or 5 hours on high, then served it with jasmine rice. You could easily skip the chicken and make this vegetarian as well.

    2 cups red lentils

    1 can no salt added diced tomatoes

    2 T olive oil

    1/4 cup dried onion

    2 T yellow curry powder

    1 t cinnamon

    1/4 t salt

    2 cups pre-cooked shredded chicken (I imagine you could use uncooked chicken as well and it would turn out fine.)

    Enough water to cover everything by about a half inch

    That looks awesome -- I am trying this immediately.
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      It is SO good. I had some for breakfast this morning too.


        This reminds me of a similar dish we make:

        {The meals on this website are totally awesome!!}

        I was going to say, we put in raw chicken breasts and then you just shred them after they are cooked (with a fork); stir the chicken back in. YUM! The longer cooking time (per linked recipe) may be advisable if you start with raw meat.

        Edited to add: The longer cooking time was for starting with frozen chicken.

        @Hamchan - thanks for sharing. I LOVE simple recipes like this.
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          I cooked mine ahead of time on the Foreman grill because it's easier for me to remove the tendons and connective tissue once it's cooked. I was afraid it might overcook the chicken but it stayed nice and tender. If you're not super picky about there not being any CT bits in your chicken then it would probably be easier to just put it in raw and let it cook in the crock pot.