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Pecan Pie recipe

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    Pecan Pie recipe

    Does anyone have a recipe for pecan pie? I need to make something good for Thanksgiving

    Not off hand, but I have some recommendations.

    Find a recipe that will make a deep dish pecan pie. Most of them are not deep dish.

    Double the amount of pecans the recipe calls. Coarsely chop the extra pecans and put them on before you arrange any whole ones on top. The chopping aids with neatly cutting the pie at serving time.

    Absolutely wait for your melted sugar-butter-corn syrup mix to cool before adding eggs or you will have an unusable mess.

    Make your own crust if you can. Cover the edges of the crust with aluminum foil or a pie edge cover gadget to keep edges from over-browning and getting bitter. I always expect it to take a bit longer in the oven than the recipes say and I don't think my oven runs low either.
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