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Grill a frozen pizza??

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    Re: Grill a frozen pizza??

    Well, the pizza we grilled was one of the Tuesday night "Buy one, get one free" pizza's. It was fully cooked. We wrapped it tight in foil and stuck it in the freezer. Then grilled it inside the foil package. And yes, the crust was crisp. In fact, it was better than the original night.

    Hmmm, Tuesday night is coming soon!


      I grilled store-bought (un)frozen veggie, thin crusted pizza last night and it was terrific. I thought it best to defrost the pizza in the microwave before grilling. That was a good idea. I thought, if frozen, the crust would cook and leave the toppings cold. Here are the steps:
      1- defrost
      2-preheat grill and holey metal pizza grilling tray to very high heat directly over flames
      3-place defrosted pizza on pre-heated metal tray
      4-We added thinly sliced tomatoes, lots of onions and poblano chiles before placing on grill
      5-Check pizza every 1-2 minutes to avoid burning crust
      6-Remove when cheese is melted and crust is dark brown around the edges
      7-veggies on top did not cook as completely as in oven. However, great fresh taste was a new treat.
      8-If you want toppings to cook more, have broiler ready and transfer pizza to cook toppings without further cooking crust.
      9-I soaked some wood chips for about 10 minutes and made sure we had smoke before placing pizza on grill. That added wonderful flavor.
      It was better than in oven!