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cheap recipes using lots of bread and not much other ingredients

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    cheap recipes using lots of bread and not much other ingredients

    I am getting lots of day old bread for practicly pennies from the local store. So, I am looking for the recipes that would require lots of white bread and not much other stuff in it. At least not much expencive stuff, like lots of meat and cheeze.

    Bread pudding comes to mind.


      French toast comes to mind too.


        homemade stuffing


          homemade croutons


            There is a breakfast dish whose name I cannot think of but it is made with a lot of torn bread in a 13 X 9 pan really soaked through and through with beaten eggs and milk. I think crumbles of bacon go on the bottom of the pan before the bread and eggs. It is supposed to soak overnight in the fridge and then get baked the next day. It comes out firm yet light and fluffy. Oh, "Brunch Puff," I think it is called, so maybe you can look up a recipe.

            Being summer, what about tomato sandwiches or cucumber sandwiches?

            Around here some people add bread to stewed tomatoes. (Not a taste or texture I like.)

            Don't forget that you can freeze bread.
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              Ohhhh....Rachel Ray just had a sauce ?? (not the word she used) last week on her TV show that used broken up bread in it to go over steak. It was a recipe she brought back from Argentina. A search on her website might turn up the recipe.

              Here it is:

              Rachael Ray Show

              the picture shows all three sauces she made that day...the one I'm referring to is the Green Olive Chimichurri Sauce.
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                lol j/k

                I second french toast and bread pudding.

                How about spooning chilli or sloppy joe on top?

                I make this one dish using italian bread where you cut in half, add browned beef that is mixed with a can of cheddar cheese and sprinkle with real cheddar cheese near the end. Its really good. You can onions and stuff to the beef too.


                  ~ Make some homemade breadcrumbs... slice the bread, toast it in the oven for few minutes, then use a food processor (or blender) to crumble it. Store in a tupperware or mason jar. Breadcrumbs can then be seasoned and used in cassaroles, to make fried chicken / stead, or any other number of things.

                  ~ You can also freeze the bread. It will keep for months. When you're ready to eat it, just take it out and let it thaw on the counter for a few hours.

                  ~ Egg cassarole: Line a cassarole dish with bread slices. Break up a half dozen or a dozen eggs and beat in some milk, then pour the mixture over the bread slices. Cook at 400F for 20-30 minutes or so.

                  ~ Croutons (i've never done this, but I know it can be done...just google it)