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Homemade Betty Crocker Warm Delights

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    Homemade Betty Crocker Warm Delights

    I saw this in my Hillbilly Housewife email today. I thought I'd share it with those who don't subscribe.

    Betty Crocker ‘Warm Delights’ at $1.39 each. You can get about 7 batches
    from just 1-$1 cake mix.

    My substitute:
    use any flavor of cake mix you like.
    have a supply of ‘flavors’, syrups, jams or ice-cream sundae sauces (choc.,
    strawberry, pineapple, my favorit)marshmallow syrup, dry coconut, etc.
    a can or two of canned frostings if you like (optional)

    Recipe: at a ratio of 1 serving of Dry cake mix to 1/2 serving of water and
    mixing, add the special sauce or ingredient of your choice, swirl it
    through cake mix several times. Top with the final topping (Chocolate
    syrup, etc.), bake in microwave oven for just seconds. Enjoy!

    Here are samples I love to make and eat!

    1/2 cup Dry chocolate cake mix, 1/4 cup water, Mix until smooth. Drop a
    heaping tablespoon of canned chocolate fudge icing and swirl through cake
    mix. Top with marshmallow syrup (a jar of marshmallow cream that I dilute
    with several spoons of water and stir till it will pour).
    Bake in microwave for approximately 55-65 seconds.

    2/3 cup yellow cake mix, 1/3 water. Mix until smooth. Drop in sweetened
    coconut, swirl. Top with marshmallow syrup. Bake in microwave for anywhere
    from 60 to 75 seconds. Eat and enjoy!

    The only thing tricky about this recipe is to remember that whatever
    measurement of cake mix you use, be sure to use 1/2 that same measure of
    water. Be sure your cooking dish will hold the amount of cake (it rises and
    can run over) and watch the baking time. Different amounts and different
    sauces can cause it to need a few seconds more of baking time.

    Stick a fork into the cake part to see if it looks like baked cake, if not,
    add a few seconds cooking time. NEVER measure the cooking time in MINUTES!
    Get inventive and try different combinations. Really good and Cheap!

    I can't believe this...I was just telling my husband how I want to try those Warm delights, but I just thought they were too expensive for something that isn't even healthy for me anyway. This way, I can make them for super cheap (although they still aren't healthy )