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I need frugal party dip & finger food recipes

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    I need frugal party dip & finger food recipes

    DH and I are hosting DD1 college grad party. She wants finger foods and dips. This will be for 40-60 people. (She says 30-40, so I am figuring 40-60 to be safe).

    Any good recipes? This will be in MAY, BEFORE my garden goes nuts with tomatoes and other goodies we would have access to.

    Get a block of cream cheese and dump some Pickapeppa sauce over it and serve with pita chips and cut up veggies.


      I like meatballs made in advance and some even precook them and freeze. On the night or morning of the party, use equal amounts of chili sauce and grape jelly and heat it in a pan. Drop in the meatballs into the heated mixture. Make them very small and you can use toothpicks.

      You can buy hummus and put it into a bowl in the center of the platter and place pita bread torn or cut into triangles.

      Hidden valley Ranch dip in the package made with sour cream can be used as a dip.

      Vegetable trays are always a hit and easy to assemble.

      You could also do a cheese tray. You might think about brie cheese with crackers.

      You can also buy pizzas and when done, cut them into little squares.