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Use up green tomatoes!!

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    Use up green tomatoes!!

    We're getting toward the end of the growing season here, so I thought I would go to my favorite site for recipes ( and find a few ways to use up green tomatoes (I don't really care for fried green tomatoes, the recipe of choice for green tomatoes!). I wanted to share these two that I tried - both really good:
    Green Tomato Bread Recipe | Recipezaar Green tomato bread (tastes like Amish friendship bread)
    Mock Raspberry Jam Recipe | Recipezaar Mock Raspberry Jam - unbelievable, but really tastes like raspberry jam. It even has the appearance of raspberry jam thanks to the tomato seeds. You can substitute different jello flavors for different flavors of jam.

    Any more ideas? DH likes to pickle green tomatoes, but I don't have his recipe to share (although I'm sure there are plenty online to choose from). I did find a few casserole-type dishes, but I didn't post these yet as I haven't tried them.

    Well, my southern family used to yearly can a large amount of "chow-chow," which was some sort of green tomatoes relish. I have no idea today what it tastes like, as I was too unwilling to taste it as a child, and now no one in the family makes it any more. I imagine there would be chow-chow recipes online or in older cook books. Probably there is one in Joy of Cooking, for example

    I caught a glimpse of TV news coverage of a local fair that features locally made goods. There was a booth that was selling something they called "cha-cha," and to my eye, it looked like what my family called chow-chow. That would be an alternative way to look for recipes for the relish.
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