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need stir-fry ideas

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    need stir-fry ideas

    Tonight we made stir-fry chicken with veggies - just added a little soy sauce. It was good, but pretty plain. I have no idea how to spice things up - what can you add to stir-frys? (spices, oils, sauces, etc.)

    Re: need stir-fry ideas

    Originally posted by jodi
    Tonight we made stir-fry chicken with veggies - just added a little soy sauce. It was good, but pretty plain. I have no idea how to spice things up - what can you add to stir-frys? (spices, oils, sauces, etc.)
    I use part sesame oil for my stir frys, it gives a distinctive taste. Also make sure I add lots of diced onions and garlic with the chicken, to get the flavours throughout.

    Sometimes I marinate the chicken ahead of time in rice or wine vinegar, soya sauce and sesame oil (the flavours permeate the meat). For spices, it depends on the flavour you want. Chinese five spice, ginger (I use a lot of ginger; if I have fresh ginger I add it with the onions and garlic), crushed red pepper, curry powder for an Indian or Thai stir fry. For sauces, dark soy sauce, teryiaki sauce, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, black bean sauce, peanut butter (for satays), coconut milk... they all have their different flavours.

    You really can't go wrong - there is no "ideal" stir fry. You can find some good basic recipes at - they even have some homemade sauces.



      Re: need stir-fry ideas

      There are stir-fry sauces I think in stores. I'm pretty sure I've used one before. You could probably make your own version if you knew what was in them.


        Re: need stir-fry ideas

        In the Asian isle or market is Chinese cooking wine. Try adding some of that to your stir fry.


          Re: need stir-fry ideas

          I'm a huge fan of peanut sauce. It's a nice change of pace and adds some protein and good fats to the meal to help it stick with you longer.

          You can get lots of recpies for it online ( is a great resource) or you can buy the bottled kind, which I've always enjoyed.


            Re: need stir-fry ideas

            Thanks all! I knew I would get some good ideas here.


              Re: need stir-fry ideas

              We had my husband's favorite stir fry last night-

              Shrimp and any other fish or faux crab
              any and all vegetables (hard veggies like carrot pre-nuke so everything will finish at once)
              last night- red pepper, green pepper, yellow pepper, carrot, cauliflower, brocoli, mushroom, bok choy,

              Sauce (amounts are approx)

              chicken stock (or chicken bouillon and hot water) 1 cup
              sherry ? 2 Tbsp
              soy sauce ? 2 Tbsp
              mashed garlic ? 1 tsp
              ginger 1/2 tsp or 1 tsp raw (keep in freezer- scrape end when you want to use it- put back in freezer)
              sugar 4 Tbsp
              tomato paste 1 Tbsp if you have some open otherwise don't worry about it.
              2 oz cold water + 2 Tbsp corn starch- stir until dissolved
              put everything into a shakable container

              Toss vegetables in pan with extra soy sauce, heat through, add fishy parts
              when everything is hot pour in enough sauce- it will thicken quickly
              SERVE immediately

              My husband has a sweet tooth - so this is more sugar than the original recipe- which I haven't seen for years!

              We make our own teriyaki and yakitori sauces if any one is interested. PLUS we have every Chinese and Japanese ingredient known to man in our cupboard. My husband is half Japanese.


                Re: need stir-fry ideas

                I was trying the recipes of Ming Tsai in his book Simply Ming and the chicken zucchini stir fry in ginger-curry oil tastes delicious.

                To make ginger-curry oil
                Fry chopped ginger in oil until it turns color
                Smoke curry power (open all windows when you do this)
                Stir in the oil and pour into a glass container and let it rest

                Oil can be refrigerate until you need to use it

                Marinate chicken in cornstarch
                Roll cut the zucchini and sprinkle some salt on it
                Heat ginger-curry oil
                Stir fry
                Add salt for and pepper for tastes.

                Easiest dish I've ever made and the flavor is wonderful


                  I always add a bit of hot chili - gives the stir fry a great kick!!