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  • Sisterhood of Contadina

    If you go through the Sunday inserts like I do, you look at the offers as well as the coupons. One of my Sunday inserts had an ad for the "sisterhood of Contadina" apparently an advertiseing site for Contadina Foods. There's a url listed:


    but it opens a window at Well, okay, that's no big deal, EXCEPT that the reason that I was trying to go to the original website. The ad said I could "find valuable savings" which I read as coupons, and I'm always after coupons.

    The link doesn't work as I said above. There's nothing in the epicurious link about coupons that I found. I wrote DelMonte (the parent company) a note asking WHAT they intended?

    Anyway, it was frustrating. I hope this will save you the same frustration!


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    Yep, it did to me too...

    and there's nothing wrong with that! But I was looking for coupons the ad implied I might find there, and they don't seem to exist.

    Since I'd spent a fair amount of time trying to find the "savings" tthe ad talks about, I was disappointed!



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      I got a nonanswer to my question about this when I contacted their customer service. I got a stock reply saying that the site was run by epicurious, no response about my question about where I'd find the money saving deals they talked about in the ad.

      THEN I got a customer satisfaction survey; I was delighted to fill that out!