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Sightseeing Savings Challenge: how low can u go

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  • Sightseeing Savings Challenge: how low can u go

    Hello Super savers and Thrift yodas,
    This thread is supposed to teach us your strategies for saving the most when going on a trip. Not any trip. You have to pick a trip on Amtrak that takes you through scenic routes,while serving gourmet entrees. The best i could do after learning to stack deals from Flash was to use my reward points and use my 5% cash back CHASE card : DURING WINTER. Yes, Amtrak is subsidized during winter. I have 30 days to cancel the trip.
    Can you come up with a better strategy? booking online has 5-10% off incentives. Booking 60 days or 90 days ahead: another 5%.
    It can be from and to anywhere. How low can one go?
    Please guide me Jeffrey...
    The reason for my not including air/water travel: they have been discussed to death.
    This seems to be new.
    Humble traveller