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time saving tips??

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    Re: time saving tips??

    FunnyValentine, we're the same. I have a couple of black uniforms I call them. They aren't uniforms, but very servicable. Black shell, black skirt. Jackets w/black in them make for quick Sunday dressing.

    Winter: Black leggings, same black shell - sweater or jacket w/black in them, black boots.

    Summer: Black shorts, a couple of black tees of varying sleeve length, tanks, shells, black flipflops- viola = dressed in a jiffy all year long!

    Saving time? I put the teens on the job - whatever needs doing...they're in a hurry to quit doing it so, zip zam zowy, done...and I've hardly sweated at all! !


      Re: time saving tips??

      i am trying to go down to 3 pairs of sneakers, and one pair of black dress shoes, a pair of boots and house sandals... i owned over 40 pairs of shoes, and all in great shape.... my wardrobe is shaping up, since i have been trying on clothes and matching them to my comfort zone.... i gave probably over a thousand dollars worth of clothes and shoes to my sister and one friend... my spouse is gonna clean out his walk in closet soon... i have too much bedding... i will go thru the linen closet this week????? somehow, we have too much stuff in the kitchen too, cookbooks, recipes, tableware, etc... but, i love the clutter free areas, so, i will take care of all of this stuff this week.


        Re: time saving tips??

        I agree that having less clutter anywhere means less time; I was glad to read the post about the roomba! I want one!!!!! I bet it would drive the cats insane....


          Re: time saving tips??

          I have a roomba and LOVE it. We have all hard woods and 2 hairy cats and 1 hairy dog. It really helpsme keep up w/ the floors. If only it did stairs!
          I want a scuba, too. I really hate cleaning floors. And, it's a never ending battle.

          I keep all of my cleaning supplies together on the 1st floor in the 1/2 bath. I also keep rags and cloths and paper towels w/ them. I do the same upstairs. I ahve 2 of everything so I don't have to run up and down the stairs like a mad woman. I do the trash bag trick, too! I put a bunch of extra's in the bottom so that there are no excuses when it comes to replacing the bag!

          I keep everyonme coat's in our front closet too. No wated time while caots and jackets are located.

          great thread!


            Use a planner. You may be used to making only mental notes for appointments and deadlines. MIT schedules become steadily more complex and your brain's short-term memory may overflow. Use your phone or iPod, a PDA, software on your computer, even a paper pocket calendar—whatever technology is easy for you to enter and retrieve information and receive reminders. Ironically, writing things down (or typing them in) actually helps your brain remember them.
            Keep a daily to-do list. Also use your planner to list each task you hope to accomplish. Set the priority of each task and check off tasks as you accomplish them. Carry over to the next day those you did not complete. A To-Do List is a simple tool, but it saves you from wasting time worrying whether you've forgotten something.
            Plan your study time. Each subject's syllabus gives you lots of clues as to when and how much you need to study each week. At the beginning of the term block out periods for psets, preparing for hour exams, and writing papers. Then you won't waste time each week figuring out what to do first.
            Break big tasks into smaller ones. Before you start on a large research project, a paper, or preparing for finals, divide it up into smaller tasks (for example, "Assemble lists of website to consult," "Get bibliography from TA," "Execute lab tests." This helps you focus on each task, eliminating time wasted worrying about how to get everything done. It also gives you a welcome sense of accomplishment as you check off each one. Try our Assignment Timeline as a framework for this process.
            Organize your space, The old proverb, "A place for everything and everything in its place" says it all. Invest a little time in organizing now, and you'll save it many times over when you're in a last-minute rush and need your notebooks, soccer pads, water bottle, and snacks.
            OHIO: Only Handle It Once. Sort postal mail into three piles, maybe using a desk organizer: items that need action (put them on your To-Do List), items to file for future reference, recycling. Handle your email and voicemail similarly; don't waste time saying, "Oh, I'll go back and read this more carefully some other time."
            Stop the Time Thieves. Pick a quiet, comfortable study location where you are not likely be disturbed, and tell your friends where you will be only if you can trust them not to interrupt you unnecessarily. Turn off your phone. If being online is too much of a temptation, turn off your computer's network connection. Concentrating on study now allows you to concentrate only on socializing later.
            Make Waiting Productive. When you have just a few minutes between classes, on line, or on the T, review some note cards, touch up your lecture notes, continue with a reading assignment, or work on a problem set. Every minute counts.


              elements of a safe, effective workout program are Regularity, strength, and time or length, Do not speed up your exercise too quickly, If you are obese and out of fitness....