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    Originally posted by techgirlable View Post
    You guys are inspiring! Theres only two adults and a baby in our house and I feel like we spend $100 a week at least!

    I have to get my butt into gear and start spending more thriftily!
    I agree !


      Originally posted by Harlem View Post
      Nice job dude! Keep it up.


        Looked at those decade old prices and laughed! Anyone wanting to lower food costs at todays prices will need to plan carefully. Pick up a bread machine [nearly new] at Goodwill or any of the Thrift stores and make your own bread from scratch, easy and cost efficient. Use a variety of dry beans and lentils as your base, cooked overnight in a crockpot. Add meat, veggies, spices, flavoring of choice and return home to fragrant dinner waiting.

        Rice takes 18 minutes, brown rice 45 minutes but much healthier. You only need 4 oz of protein [meat/ fish] per person and add tofu or soy protein [absorb whatever flavoring you chose] There are generally 72 different shapes of pasta available in a regular, chain grocery store, take 12-18 minutes. Sauces created with the simplest ingredients [1T each fat, flour + seasonings, 1C of preferred liquid, stirring in a bit at a time to avoid lumping].

        Frozen vegetables of some type are nearly always on sale. Add fresh fruit and bake any dessert your family likes. If you have DKs over 8 y/o, they can make dessert with a modicum of supervision. It's a terrific math lesson too.

        Seasonings: life span barely one year. Buy from bulk bins, combine yourself in existing jars for hamburger, poultry, stew, taco, French, Italian, Hungarian, Chinese, Spanish,Tex-Mex, Cajun, Creole, Grill rub etc. Stop paying for jars repeatedly.
        Allrecipes.con,, whatever site you know & like
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