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Food to prepare for daughter's friends.

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  • Food to prepare for daughter's friends.

    My daughter is finally moving back home after 4 years in the university and I couldn’t be more excited. She’s flying back in two weeks with a couple of Colombian women friends, said they wanted to see more of Louisiana. As a good gesture, I wanted to prepare a backyard party for my girl and her friends. Of course I’ll have the usual jambalaya and gumbo and my wife’s preparing some arroz con pollo, plantains, and flan for dessert too.

    My daughter grew up eating traditional Louisiana and Cuban dishes, my wife being Cuban and all. But aside from those things, I also want to prepare some Colombian food for our guests.They’ve been away from home just about the same time as my daughter so I bet they miss eating homemade food. Any suggestions?

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    What about a nice cuban chicken?