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Made chocolate chip cookies tonight

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  • Made chocolate chip cookies tonight

    The regular recipe on the toll house package. You're supposed to use 3/4 cup of white sugar and 3/4 cup of brown sugar. I only put 1/4 c white sugar and 1/2 cup brown sugar and they taste fine.

    Next time I'll try 1/4 c of each and see if there is a difference in taste. We don't need all the extra calories. I've always heard you can cut the sugar by 1/2 and recipes will still taste fine. I'm going to start experimenting with cutting even more out.

    Anyone already doing this?

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    Originally posted by Thrif-t View Post
    Anyone already doing this?
    No, but I'm trying this next time I do! I definitely like Chocolate chip cookies, but the amount of sugar keeps me from making them.
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      Ha-ha, once I shared the toll house cookie recipe with an immigrant friend whose engineer husband was trying to break the ice with his new workmates. They all worked in large cubicles and barely spoke, but he was a more people oriented guy and was itching to make friends. I told her the solitary atmosphere might be an engineer thing, but suggested he bring homemade cookies to work, telling her that chocolate chip was America's favorite.

      Well, I took her the recipe and even the ingredients. But she and her husband came from a culture that uses way less sugar even in desserts and she could not bring herself to make cookies that were half sugar. She was horrified. She just couldn't do it. A few days later she returned all the ingredients to me....I made them for myself, full sugar!
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        Many of my exchange students complain that everything here tastes so sugary and they feel sick eating here, especially the French ones. I think part of it might be that they expect our food to be unhealthy because a few have said my food tastes sugary. I make my food from scratch and do not add sugar or salt (unless brining and then you can't taste it anyway). But I can see their point when we eat out. Even our ketchup has a lot more sugar than other countries, and I'm pretty sure our soft drinks are made sweeter. Most things tasted off to me in Europe, and I suspect it was the lack of sugar. If you ever want to gross out a European, make them drink Green River. It is basically full sugar green Jello in soda form. I make our students try it just to see their faces. It brings me great joy.

        I rarely make cookies at home, but when I do, I make the faux Neiman Marcus $250 recipe. It is good but expensive to make because there is a lot of chocolate in it. We don't like Hersheys so we buy the expensive kind.


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          Well I made some pumpkin spice bread today, its a double recipe, makes 2 loaves and calls for 2 cups of sugar. I only put a 1/2 cup in and its not that good.

          DH is kinda mad at me, said why bother even making. Oh I think it'll be fine with a cup of coffee in the morning on the way to work; but maybe next time I need to at least do 3/4 cup.