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Anyone Have a Great Way to Store Onions and Potatoes?

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  • Anyone Have a Great Way to Store Onions and Potatoes?

    We buy these staples in bulk so we need a good way to store them.

    I've searched the internet to find a way to store onions and potatoes that is effective, frugal, and clean (since they'll be stored in our pantry and I don't want dirt & pieces of onion skin getting all over like they are now) without any success.
    Anyone have a great system they are willing to share?

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    Don't store them close to each other. It sounds weird, but something about the onions will accelerate the potatoes into sprouting.

    Onions keep for a very long time in the refrigerator

    Potatoes do pretty well in a paper bag in a cool dry place.
    Your basement will work so long as it's not damp.


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      Biggest thing is to keep the two of those totally separate -- like at least a few feet apart. Otherwise, they both store very similarly. Cool, dry, dark, and at least some ventilation.

      Personally, I keep them in 2 paper grocery bags in opposite sides of my pantry. Not perfect, but the simplest option I've come across. The grocery bags also do a good job of containing the onion skins.

      I've also seen folks hang them in wire baskets lined with a thin cloth, in the cellar, pantry, or a couple cabinets. The wire baskets are better for ventilation.

      As I hit "Post", I had a thought for a variation on the wire baskets... You could probably store them in wire mesh magazine holders, like the cheap things you see at an office supply store (or Walmart). Then you could just slide it into a pantry shelf like a box of cereal.
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        Just do an online search of onion and potato bins and you will find dozens of options.
        Keep them cool, dark and dry.


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          Thanks - there are some good suggestions here that meet the criteria I mentioned. I've got a couple ideas percolating but for now I'm going to put them in open cardboard boxes on opposite sides of the pantry (no basement) and see how that goes.