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Can you explain how bitcoin works?

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    This thread is so informative.


      I have tried to invest on cryptocurrency last year at first it works but complication takes place so I have to get rid of my account.


        What were the complications that you had? I love it so far because I did it the smart way. I knew that I should not start with bitcoin and I started with Litecoin. After that when I earned some money I went to Dash and now I trade with Ethereum. It is around $400 now and there is no reason why it could not skyrocket in the price like bitcoin did. Even now that is a really good price and I enjoy working with it. A great help for me is because it makes the whole process much easier. It is easily the best wallet available.
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          Anyone on here trading in Bitcoin Currently? I was curious what the transaction costs these days? I recall that being a carrying cost to crypto that was kinda expensive back the most items that get added to the global ledger. Not sure how easy it is to extract the average trans cost, just wondering if people notice this while trading. (assuming it will operate the same as normal Bid/Asks, as every transaction has a cost. Maybe until we get free computing power/energy someday in the future).

          I'm excited for blockchain as a currency eventually *(whether it be bitcoin or other, I'm not invested in any right now). Not really that excited in investing in it as a currency, despite the volatility coaxing everyone's inner Hope&Greed aspirations.

          *Edit - Did a quick google search, and I'm showing the transactions right around $5 right now (seems they're up a lot , as it's recognition is increasing). That seems pretty high.... Wondering if google just gave me a B.S. quick response. But If anyone is hanging out in this realm of fiat currency investing, it would be appreciated! (to set my info STAIGHT!)
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