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    Bitcoin opinion

    Hey everyone,

    Bitcoin has always intrigued me as a concept but as an investment it's just too volatile for me. I've provided a link below to the historical price of bitcoins:

    From the beginning of 2014 to the mid point of 2015, bitcoin lost about 75% of its value. It has made a strong recovery and is now at an all time high of $1130 but it could very well see a steep decline in the next few months. There is definitely money to be made in the area but I probably won't be playing in it.


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      Originally posted by amarowsky View Post
      Now that I am seeing more and more places accept BitCoin, and hearing more and more research about it. I think I am going to consider buying a small amount of Bitcoin on a monthly basis (maybe 0.5-1.5%).
      How and where do you buy it? I've been thinking getting into bit coin myself.
      Got debt?


        Originally posted by tripods68 View Post
        How and where do you buy it? I've been thinking getting into bit coin myself.


          due to the risks involved, I'd say no more than 1% of your net worth.


            Bitcoin is going bonkers lately with upcoming ETF approval speculation... (~1300 !) if ETF is not approved, bitcoin will likely tank. Would be a good time to buy that possible dip IMO. Going to get really volatile here soon, so be warned.


              So the ETF was denied. Shortly after we see a rather small crash of about 15% and recovers just as quickly. Market practically shrugged off the news. Bitcoin appears to have stabilized without much drama. Thats kinda disappointing to me because I wanted to buy more at a steep discount. Anyway, next stop $2000.