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52 Week Challenge 2016

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  • 52 Week Challenge 2016

    Yay! I'm back at it. I drop out every year lol near back to school time or time for Christmas shopping but I'm glad that I have the savings for that so I'm happy.

    So this is week 4 and I have my total of $10. Who's with me for 2016?

    Week 1 $1
    Week 2 $2
    Week 3 $3
    Week 4 $4
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    I'm doing it.
    Have you considered starting big and getting smaller with the numbers? There seems to be less money for me at the end of the year than the beginning. But that's just me.


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      I say it every year I think I'm going to mix it up because today I have $10 to add so I can cross off week 10.

      Total now is $20 saved.
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        I'm also doing it but not putting in the dollar amount based on the week but putting in what I can for that week. I like that strategy since I will feel less pressure at the end of the year during Christmas! So far I've put in 52, 51, and 30.


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          today I added $11, crossed off week 5 and 6


          total $31
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            I'm doing it this year, good luck to me!