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Armywife's 52 week savings Challenge

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    Armywife's 52 week savings Challenge

    After a long hiatus from living a fiscally sound lifestyle, I am back with a vengeance! I love this website because no matter how lost I feel from the saving bandwagon, the articles and informed members offer such great information!

    I have decided to start this 52 week savings challenge today - midweek... i'll nickname it 'my 52 hump challenge'

    Objective 1: Setting aside a twenty dollar bill and placing it in an envelope marked by week.
    Objective 2: Write a fun little quote on the envelope to make my deposit feel more enjoyable
    Objective 3: update this thread once a week with my ups and downs

    And with that, I'll start my day with my first 20 buck deposit and a snazzy lil' quote:

    A woman's best protection is a little money of her own.
    - Clare Boothe Luce

    Wow, WTG! What a great idea! I ordered the dave ramsey envelope system and I am totally excited...I think that I will use one of those envelopes with a fun little quote too . I'll join you starting today I do have debt in which I have to pay down but this can be my emergency starter envelope


      Welcome to the challenge Armywife! I like the goal you set and the motivational quotes. That's a great idea.