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Happy Thanksgiving!

The stock markets in the United States will be closed on December 25th, 2021, in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday.
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PauletteG's 52 Week Savings Challenge Thread

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    Another week with money added is great!


      You were able to save, so way to go!


        Week 6: Early Pickup

        Today's visits: cheap vegetable and fruit stand, $13.91; chichi market for protein powder, wine and sausages (plus dairy deals and two red chile peppers which no other market till then seemed to have): $53.06 (used a $5 coupon); $7.88 at Safeway; $12.74 at a bargain market for bread, vegetables and a humongous canister of parmesan cheese: $87.59

        However, I did have two no-spend days. $19/day for groceries * 6 days = $114 - $88 (rounding up) = $26 plus $8 savings on cheese, and 1 pound lamb for $4.

        Total Deposited: $38 today as I won't have the use of the car tomorrow.
        $145 deposited year to date.

        It's supposed to get even colder than it is now, maybe even snow. I made sure I had almost everything for my planned meals which will now include lamb curry, paleo beef casserole (with yams) short ribs in tomato fennel sauce. Excepting milk, bread, and cereal I have two weeks' worth of meals.

        I'll try the envelopes trick next week for groceries, clothing and spending money.


          That is great! I can't wait to read about your envelope trick and how it worked for.


            Week 7: 52-Week Saving Challenge

            Envelope system watch:
            My spouse bought a replacement watch (he'd had his since 1996) which cost $76.99 and we used more than a third of the envelope money for that. I thought maybe he was going to buy a refurbished one from a watch repair expert, not a new Citizen watch.

            Despite that, I had a low grocery week ($87 for three).

            We still have more income for February than is budgeted.

            $13 deposited this week: the challenge are likely to remain low until I recover from Tax Time, and the Olympics challenge. I've decided I'd also like to save for a Raspberry Pi before Pi Day, March 14.


              Good job with the deposit!!


                Week 8: 52-Week Savings Challenge

                $21 deposited. I was superfrugal except for one family day where the males went to a matinee, and I took us to a dessert place ahead of time so they wouldn't spend $10 apiece on small popcorn + small drink.

                Saved $23 Saturday just choosing meat for the next week from the Manager's Markdowns in the supermarket. Kept $2 of that for emergencies.

                Sochi Challenge is over with $85 (10/10/5), so I can look forward to larger future deposits in 52-Week Savings Challenge. I took the lads out to breakfast today where I enjoyed some red strawberries with white whipped cream on top of Swedish pancakes.

                Cumulative: $233
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                  Great job on your savings and being savvy enough to eat before going to the movies. Everything in our theater is overpriced, so that was definitely a savings.


                    52-Week Savings Challenge Catch-up

                    March 1 - $35 deposited to individual CU chequing account. For what I Saved buying meat last week.

                    March 7 - $43 deposited to individual CU chequing account.
                    Frugal things I did: Coupons - ($1.55 + $0.84 + $1.25 + $2); received $5 Target gift card; saved $38 at JCPenney.
                    March 15 - $1 yet to deposit to individual CU chequing account. It's a rough month with emergency tooth extraction for cat and dead motorcycle battery, and I miscalculated the reserves for utilities and semi-annual and annual insurances. I really want my Money Market Account to go to that next level of interest, and I'm $7 - $33 behind, depending on how we determine how many weeks are in a month.

                    $312.00 will be the balance tomorrow
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