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    Save Money On Bras

    By Vanessa Cane

    With Bras being a piece of clothing that are in demand for everyday use, it's no wonder that there are numerous brand names available. Much like any other garment, bras are not the same everywhere.

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    Go for quality. You won't regret it. It's pretty easy to get a cheap, poorly made bra, just like it's easy to get any other cheap, poorly made product. If you want something that will not only provide you with the comfort, support and beauty your body needs, but will also help in reducing the number of your bra shopping trips, then it's time to go in for a well made, high quality bra.

    This may sound like an unfamiliar cliche -- bras don't fall off trees. You have to spend your precious money, not to mention time, hunting for bras. With this sort of an investment, you'll want to buy something that lasts long.

    Check out these popular bra brands... There are many popular brand names in the market, each with their own designs, styles and variations. Lets take a look at some of the popular brands in the bra market.

    As one of the most recognized names in women's lingerie, apparel and personal care products, Victorias Secret is big on bras. Their bra collections are often trend setters and are world famous.

    Bali are another company that are known for their functional yet beautiful bras. Founded by Sara Stein in 1927.

    The Wonderbra manufactured by the Sara Lee Corporation, is a push-up bra that was a sensation during its time. It was a massive success and drew huge amounts of attention. It was designed to make the bust look larger, thus enhancing a woman's cleavage.

    Other famous brand names are Maidenform Calvin Klein, Lejaby Warners, La Senza Freya Hanro, Triumph, 6ixty 8ight, Wacoal, Elle Mcpherson, Intimates, Elita and Liyette.

    Vanessa Cane is a successful freelance writer providing valuable tips and useful advice for online purchasers of <a href="">bras</a>, from just a plain old bra, to a plus size bra. Her numerous articles offer money saving advice and refreshing insight.

    Re: Save Money On Bras

    I have found that Hanes bras are as comfortable and flattering as some of those more expensive brands. I have worn underwire since my children were born in 1979 and have been through many of the brands including Warners, Victoria's Secret, Maidenform and many others.

    Now I just buy bras at Target!


      Re: Save Money On Bras

      i think it's more of a worry for those who need support... my sister is a fan of wacoal but she's got a larger chest and is kind of the opposite of frugal... lol... not because she invests in quality items but because she didn't even think of pricechecking and checking ebay until i mentioned it to her...
      as for me, i have a very petite, slim figure (aka small chest) and i will go with whatever feels good... my favorite bra was actually $2 at a store closing sale... wish i had been smart enough to buy more than one... ah well... live and learn...other than that i tend to shop at Ross dress for less for my underclothes.... i can get pretty good brand names at a discount because they're slightly flawed/overstocked/out of season/etc...


        I have used triumph bras ever since, and I love them.


          if you are looking for good support, Le Mystere Dream Tisha model is great, especially the version trimmed with lace. They run $78 but I usually find them online for half that, it takes searching and waiting for a sale or clearance of a certain color. But for $40, it's a great bra with enough support, you actually look better because things are where they belong, lol. I usually find them through Amazon or Bare Necessities


            I just looked at a site called Beyond the Rack, they email deals, I never looked there because it seemed to just be sales on luxury brands. But they had 6 packs of decent appearing bras for an average sized person. I was tempted but I really have to try them on.