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Beating The Summer Heat On The Cheap

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    Beating The Summer Heat On The Cheap

    It's summer and you're wilting away under the heat. You're dreaming of air conditioned rooms, but know you can't afford the bill that comes with running one, let alone the cost of an AC itself. That doesn't mean, however, that you have to suffer the heat in misery. Here are some cheap ways to beat the heat from

    Self Made Air Conditioner: You may not be able to afford the real thing and the electricity bill that goes along with it, but that doesn't mean you can't have an air conditioner of sorts. You can simply make one for yourself. Fill a bucket with cool water and lots of ice. Place it on the ground next to you with a fan behind. Turn on the fan and it will take the cool air generated by the bucket of water and blow it toward you creating your own mini air conditioner.

    Cooling Towels: Take a few hand towels and soak them in water. Once soaked, place them in your freezer. You have made yourself a cooling towel. Take it out of the freezer after about 15 minutes and place in over your neck or on your head under a hat. This should keep you cool for 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Once the coolness dissipates, simply run the towel under water again, place it back in the freezer and grab a new one that is already waiting to keep you cool.

    If a towel just isn't enough for you, you can do the same thing with a t-shirt. The best way to approach this is to get a bucket and fill it with ice and water and dip the t-shirt inside. Keep the bucket nearby and re dip the t-shirt whenever needed. A fan blowing nearby will magnify the cooling effect and you'll know its time for another dipping the water bucket when the shirt has dried.

    Ice Spray: Fill a spray bottle with water and ice and carry it where ever you go. Whenever you start to feel hot, give your self a nice cool spay. You can even put in a little perfume or scent such as lemon or orange to keep you smelling fresh on even the hottest days.

    Bucket For Your Feet: If you work at a desk or someplace where you don't have to move around a lot, place a bucket of ice water under it. Take off your shoes and socks and soak your feet to stay comfortably cool.

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    Go To Where There Is Coolness: Just because you don't have an air conditioner doesn't mean you can't go someplace that does. If your room is unbearably hot, take a trip to your local library where you can spend the entire day in air conditioned bliss for free. If you can control yourself to merely window shop, the local mall will also provide a cool environment for the day at no cost. If a local movie theater has cheap matinee tickets, this is another great place to escape the heat for a few hours for only a couple of dollars.

    Sleep Time: When it's time for bed, a dampened t-shirt in ice water will do wonders. Also soak you hair right before you hit the bed. A small fan to the side blowing air should keep you cool until you fall asleep and will dry our the t-shirt so you don't catch a cold.