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Save Money When Gambling

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    Save Money When Gambling

    The best money saving advice you can receive concerning gambling is not to do it. That being said, some people enjoy to do it from time to time. Here are some hints on how you can save money as well as make your money go further when you decide to gamble:

    First and foremost, take the time to study up on the different games that casinos offer. There is plenty of information on any of these gambling games at your local library or on the Internet. The more you understand about the basic strategies of each game, the more fun you'll have and the longer you'll be able to make your money last.

    Taking the time to study a bit will also let you learn which games give the smallest edge to the casino as well as give you the basics so that you can improve your skill level. This will make it possible for you to place safer bets and allow you to play the games longer.

    Take the time to find discounts before you go. You can get a good range of discounts from the <A HREF="">Coupon Guide</A> for the gambling city where you will be visiting. You"ll also be able to find discount offers in free magazines that will be available at the airport and different places around town. These can save you 50% or more on your dining and entertainment while you are there.

    Before you go, hit the Internet and join each and every casino player's club that you plan to visit on your vacation. Even if you don't plan to gamble at that particular casino, it's worth signing up for their club membership. Most casinos will let you sign-up for their club membership over the Internet at no cost.

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    Club memberships will usually entitle you to discounts at the restaurants, gifts shops and on rooms at the casino. Even if you never go to the casino, you'll be on their mailing list that will bring a large number of money saving offers in your mail for future trips you may make.

    Another essential factor is to make sure you are clear that the gambling you are going to do is a form of entertainment and not a way to make money. As a form of entertainment, make sure to budget how much you will spend on it just as you would budget for any other vacation and stick strictly to that budget. There is nothing that will ruin your vacation faster than losing all the money that you budgeted for it on the first day, let alone more than you can afford.

    To help with this, decide before going how much you can afford to lose and take it out in cash or traveller's checks. This will be your bank roll for the vacation. Take the amount that you decide to spend and divide it by the number of days that you plan to go gambling. Then divide each day's bankroll into 4 or 5 time sections ( for example, morning, afternoon, evening, night and late night) so that you have money to play the entire day. If you lose your sectioned bankroll quickly, take a break and relax until the next time section. Make sure to never borrow ahead and you'll guarantee that you have money to gamble the entire period of the vacation.

    To make sure you're not tempted to spend more than you've budgeted, only take the money you have budgeted for each session with you into the casino. Leave your extra cash, credit cards, checkbook and ATM card in your room safe so there is no temptation to borrow ahead on what you budgeted.

    When you do gamble at the casino, be sure to use your club card. Machines such as slots and video poker will usually have a slot on the side where you can insert your club card. If you play a table game, simply give your card to the dealer or table employee and ask them to keep track of your playing.

    Even if you're going to only gamble a few dollars it's worth getting into the habit of using your club card each and every time. This allows the casino to know that you have been playing there and thus let them know to reward you with free meals, rooms, shows and other freebies they give to those that are club members. If you don't use the club card, the casino has no idea you've been playing there and to give you any of the comps they provide.

    Be sure to take advantage of different promotions that your club card entitles you to. Many casinos offer club card specials such as double points at certain times or days, bonus points for certain games or special gaming events. Ask for club card specials and utilize those that fall in the areas where you already planned to gamble.

    When you begin playing at the casino, remember not to drink too much alcohol. Many casinos serve free drinks because they know that if you drink, it'll likely impair your judgement and you may spend more money than you planned or budgeted for. If you want the free drinks, choose ones that don't have alcohol.

    When you begin to gamble, take care to watch how quickly you are using the money you budgeted. As we mentioned before, you should have a budget and have that money separated into days and time periods. If you find that your current time period money is dwindling too quickly, slow down your play. Take a walk around the casino and look at all the different games. Watch others play for a little while before heading back.

    Also consider moving down on your minimum bets to make your money last longer. That is, if you were losing playing at a table with a $10 minimum bet, move to a table that only requires a $5 bet. If you were playing $1 slots, move down to quarter or nickle slots.

    Most of all, remember to have fun. When you approach gambling games as entertainment, you'll get the most for your money when you take the time to enjoy the overall atmosphere and everything going on around you rather than if you win or lose money.