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Get Paid To Drive: Auto Wrap Free Car Companies

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    Get Paid To Drive: Auto Wrap Free Car Companies

    Note: We have a bit more extensive information on the reality of the auto wrap industry at our sister website <A HREF="">PaidToDriveAutoWrap.c om</A>

    You may have heard rumors that it's possible to get paid to drive your car, or in some cases, get a car to use for free. While participation is limited and luck is needed along with living in the right place for a particular campaign, it is possible to get paid to have your car (or a car given to you) turned into a moving advertisement. If you drive 800 miles or more a month along heavily populated routes in your normal driving habits, you may want to check out the companies that offer car wraps.

    The concept is fairly simple. Advertising space on billboards along busy roads and highways is limited and in some places not allowed at all. It's possible, however, to reach many of those people another way. Companies advertise on the outside of cars to reach those same people. The problem is that purchasing an entire fleet of cars for an advertising campaign can be overly expensive, so a solution was developed.

    Instead of purchasing their own cars, companies will sometimes "rent" space on individual private citizen's cars. In return for letting a company "wrap" your car with their advertisement, they will pay you a monthly fee. The fees can be as high as $400 a month for a full car wrap and lesser amounts for a partial car wrap or a window wrap.

    Another option that some of these companies offer in place of car wraps is giving you a free car with advertisements already on it. You usually don't get paid in this deal or get to choose the type of car provided, but you do receive free use of the car for the period of the campaign. Your only costs are gas and insurance meaning that you are getting transportation at a fraction of the cost of owning your own car. There are some rare cases when you can get paid when receiving a free car. Some companies will pay you to drive the free cars along certain, specified routes each day.

    So what is the catch? The main one is there are far more drivers wanting the positions than advertising campaigns available. If you don't drive a lot of miles or live in a highly populated area (large college campuses seem to be an ideal location) where the advertisement will be seen by a population the advertisers crave, your chances of being chosen are slim. Most companies require you to drive a minimum of 800 miles a month. Not driving enough miles can negate the contract and most companies utilize global positioning systems (GPS) in your car to track the miles and places you go each month.

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    Most programs require you to be 18 years of age, have a clean driving record and your own auto insurance. Traffic violations will in most cases prohibit you from being considered. Contracts vary in length and amount paid depending on the type of advertising in the campaign involved. Most companies don't let you pick the advertiser, but will let you bow out if the advertiser goes against your moral values (cigarettes, alcohol and sex).

    With the concept there are a growing number of websites that don't actually offer the service of car wrapping, but claim to be a data base for advertisers to find people willing to advertise on their cars. Many offer free sign up, but then encourage you to purchase a "premium package" that is supposed to move your name higher up on the list. The fact is that you are very unlikely to be picked from these services so it isn't worth the time (and definitely not the money) signing up with them.

    While the chances of being picked are slim, they are better than playing the lottery. If you meet the requirements and live in an area you believe would be desirable to advertisers, it could be worth the 15 to 30 minutes it takes to fill out the online forms. If you are lucky and do get picked, you will significantly reduce your driving expenses with little effort on your part.

    car wrap advertising


    I just want to know if the car wrap advertising is available here in Shreveport, Louisiana? If yes, how could I get in touch with these companies?

    Thank you,



      Your best bet is to look in your local yellow pages and contact them directly. Legit companies aren't on the Internet these days due to excess demand.


        I don't like the part about having your every move monitored by GPS. Creepy. I'd do it if they just wanted to check my odometer.


          To Jeffrety~ Don't know if you'll get this, since I see your last post was in July..... I read 2 posts from you - one says to look in yellow pages for legitimate companies - the other says it may be worth taking the time fill out the online forms.... How do I know if a company, such as, is legitimate or not? Thanks.


            If you are required to pay to sign up, it's a scam. If you have concern about a company, check with the BBB to see what their rating is and if they have any complaints.

            The truth is with the current economy, auto wraps are virtually non existent.


              Thanks for your response.....I tried the BBB for online companies....I get 0 results for I am sure you're right - at this point it would be a miracle to be able to earn money so easily.


                really, there are programs like this? I never heard about them before. Real good trivia.


                  I am interested in learning more about this in the La Crosse WI area, could you please be of assistance, thank you.


                    ok i was recently contacted by monster energy drink. and they say they pay 300 a week. but they send you to their company to get car wrapped.. and they send check by courier for you to cash then rest goes to autowrap company that puts the decals or whatever on car.

                    sound likes a scam to me..


                      It is a scam -- I know of no legitimate car wrap companies that are looking for drivers these days



                        Have you heard of adzinmotion, freecarmedia, or wrapmatch?

                        Google searches give me surprisingly "empty" results. By empty I mean that I don't really see much in the way of people claiming they're getting paid by them. Frankly, the only legitimate looking feedback of these sites I have found are a handful of stray Yahoo Answers posts that were all negative (forum won't let me post a link yet, but you should find it on Google rather quickly if you put "wrapmatch scam").

                        I just signed up for WrapMatch because the web design looked rather professionally done, but was very turned off by the fact that I received a phone call no less than 20 seconds after I hit submit. The phone call was coming from a call center (I could hear a million other agents making calls in the background). That always makes me weary. The salesman was nice enough (for a salesman), but no less than five minutes into the conversation I was being asked to pay them to run a background check and driving history check on me through the DMV. At this point I was more than a little reluctant, so I started to back off from it. I wanted to do more research on the company and the industry. The agent was naturally giving me the hard sell and trying to get me to sign-up then and there.

                        Anyway, I don't think I'll be doing it. The requirements seem rather stringent. There's confusion about how insurance is a factor. Supposedly you have to have commercial insurance on your vehicle in some states to do this. Funny, this wrap idea seems like a simple way to make a few bucks, but there's just too much suspicion surrounding it.


                          All scams -- you should never have to pay money in any form to get a car wrap of this type.