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Saving On Prescription Drugs

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    Saving On Prescription Drugs

    This topic doesn't get talked about much, but medication costs can be a huge part of some people's budgets.

    Here are some ways to reduce what you pay for your medication bills:

    1. Ask your doctor for free samples whenever you get a prescription.

    2. Ask your doctor if a generic or less expensive alternative to a drug is available. Lot of newer drugs aren't necessarily better than their older equivalents.

    3. Buy 90 day supplies of drugs if you can. This means you'll save on any dispensing fees that your pharmacy might charge you.

    4. Talk with your doctor about getting a higher dose of a pill than you might normally take, then use a pill splitter to split it in half. BUT - your doctor should have the last word on this.

    5. Shop around before you get your prescription filled. Not all drug stores have the same prices.

    6. Some online drug stores have better deals than brick and mortar stores. BUT, be careful to be sure the online pharmacies are legitimate. You'll want a Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) seal of approval. Costco has a reputable online pharmacy,

    If you don't like Costco, the VIPPS list of legitimate online pharmacies is here.

    7. If you take medications frequently see if you can buy in bulk from an on-online pharmacy.

    8. Find out if you qualify for a drug-assistance program. Some programs are income based, but some like Merck offer support for those who are uninsured, irrespective of income. The Partnership for a Prescription Assistance at is a good starting place.

    If you have any other thoughts or would like to add anything to this list please leave a comment on this thread.

    I have a couple of other items ...
    I think it is beneficial when taking a new drug it would be handy to get samples from doctor until you know you can tolerate them without bad side effects some people fill a 30 month supply to find out after a few pills they cannot take this medication. imagine all the wasted money and meds.

    Review all the drugs and OTC you are on in the case of some people if they change providers or have more then one doctor. Some older ladies i know were paying and filling items that were NOT needed any longer.