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How to Save Money From Gas

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  • How to Save Money From Gas

    Gas prices keep going up, and the money in our wallet keeps evaporating quicker.

    1. Drive less
    2. Find good prices where you can get the best deal
    3.Apply for a credit card which offers gas savings when you use the card for purchases
    4. Check the web for deals. With the ever increasing gas prices, use the Internet to find the cheapest gas near you
    5. Determine whether gas with ethanol is right for your vehicle

    Don't get crazy in your search for cheaper gas stations. read

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    You missed two important ones:

    1) fill up tank slowly- you get less air and more gas
    2) fill up in morning- gas in underground tanks is cooler, so denser, so the same volume gives you more mass (you pay by volume, not weight).


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      With out meaning to sound rude the science have said the second post if untrue. The tanks are so far underground and covered it makes no difference.


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        The last two times that I have gassed up, I turned my nozzle 180 degrees and there was still gas coming out of the nozzle even after I had turned it off. It may seem like a small amount but after repeated fillups; you would be throwing your money away if you didn't check this.


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          How about driving smarter? There are plenty of LEGAL ways to boost your mileage like avioding idling in drive thrus, making sure your tires are inflated properly, keeping your car maintained, avoid short trips...

          Driving less works but if you must drive try and drive smart as well.


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            Keep your tires inflated, keep up on your car's maintenance, and keep your speed under 60 mph. Avoid fast acceleration, and use your brakes as little as possible.

            Also, drive less, as someone already suggested.


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              ^or should i say drive wisely..the price of gas boost very fast..


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                Also remove all excess items from your car or trunk area. The extra weight will cause you to get worse gas mileage.


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                  Here are some of my tips:

                  1. Carpool, if you can
                  2. Keep your tires inflated properly
                  3. Drive smart: Do not make sudden stops or start your engine fast. Gradual acceleration and decelaration makes your engine run better and consume less fuel and save money. Watch your speed. Driving at 60 mph rather than 80 mph will save you money by improving your fuel economy.
                  4. Consolidate your trips.
                  5. Gas evaporates easily especially in summer time, so do not forget to tightly close the gas cap. Do not use air conditioning unless it is needed. Use of AC can lower your fuel economy by 10 percent.


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                    Oooo, I am very passionate about saving money on gas. Especially when it comes to getting my MPG as high as it can go. And these tips are for those like me who live in LA and find it impossible to carpool, take public transportation, or to forgo the car entirely.

                    There are my tips of saving gas and therefore saving money:

                    1. Be very aware while you're driving and always look ahead. Don't tailgate and instead keep a nice cushion between you and the next car. When you see the cars breaking in front of you, take your foot off the break and cruise to a slower pace. . .break if necessary, accelerate if necessary. I find this helps alleviate all the unnecessary hard breaking in horrible L.A. traffic, and keeps my MPG up. Cruising or coasting also helps augment my MPG.

                    2. Drive slower. I was a very aggressive driver and was filling up my car twice a week. Now I fill it up about once a week or every 1.5 weeks. I went from 80 mph to 55-60 mph. . .I mean yeah, it takes me a bit longer, but if it means leaving 20 min. earlier to get to a place on time and saving money on gas. .. I'd do it.

                    3. Fill up in the morning or evening. . .not during the daytime. Gas is usually more dense when it's cold. . .and therefore you get more bang for your buck!

                    4. Make sure your tires are properly inflated.

                    5. Don't spend more than 45 seconds warming up your car in the morning. . .this only applies to those of you in cold weather climates.

                    Hope these tips help!



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                      Only half fill your tank to save weight

                      Ensure optimal tyre pressures are reached

                      Keep around 52 MPH where possible, so slow down on motorways

                      I also have found several good petrol price comparisson sites that give you the cheapest garages in a specific area. If anyone wants a link PM me.


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                        This is a personal opinion I don't think that filling to half only is always the best advice. Two nights ago gas was $3.65 today it is $4.49 and a lot of stations don't have any regular.


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                          Originally posted by Mamaw View Post
                          This is a personal opinion I don't think that filling to half only is always the best advice. Two nights ago gas was $3.65 today it is $4.49 and a lot of stations don't have any regular.
                          agreed. Esp. where I live, we have to be ready to evac if necessary--for the last month, almost every weekend we were told to be ready, just in case one of the hurricanes turned our way.

                          Also, if I didn't fill my tank full, I'd have no other way to track my mileage! I've tracked it devotedly since I bought it new (interesting to watch how my driving impacts mileage so much), so I'd hate to suddenly be unable to do that.
                          "Praestantia per minutus" ... "Acta non verba"


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                            i gt a motoring magazine every month, and it had some tips for saving petrol - most have already been said here. the only thing i have an issue with here is the 'tip' of keeping your car tank half full - your car runs better when it has a full tank of gas rather than constantly running it to empty - you dreg up all the crap down the bottom and it makes it harder for your car to use fuel efficiently.


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                              There is some device you can buy that monitors your driving. When you aren't using optimal gas milage driving, an alarm sounds. Basically, the device teaches you how to drive to save gas.