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    Be sure to ask if the company is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. This organization guarantees the company can show proof of insurance, maintain a written customer complaint policy with documented follow-ups, and show technicians continue training.


      i like this


        Vinegar is also my recipe of cleaning. It works great for any type of hard cleaning. And itís also very easy to apply!!


          Capet cleaning is one kind of saving money system.It can be reduced our money for buying a new carpet in that scene it can save our valuable money.


            when vinegar doesn't do the trick on pet stains, I use straight hydrogen peroxide. Cheap, works, but check carpet because it could take away color on some types of carpet. We have that stain resisting carpet and the peroxide does not affect carpet color.

            I don't like renting the machine because I think about germs picked up in the brushes from other people's houses. maybe they clean them in between

            we have a steam cleaner but the dogs have been so good, I haven't used it since we moved in

            I hate carpet, I want something you can mop. In my townhouse, I had it all removed, and put down well-rated laminate flooring throughout (wood was too expensive). Then I unexpectedly moved so did not re-coup the cost of the laminate but I don't know if I could've sold the house for as much with the icky carpet in it. Here we only have carpet in the bedrooms.


              Originally posted by roger58
              You can save money by carpet cleaning instead of buying new carpet for your home.., you can wash your carpet at home...
              Hello & Welcome :-), thanks for bumping this thread up. I have a carpet cleaner and need to clean our living room carpet. Reading this thread I'm wondering if putting vinegar in the carpet cleaner would work?