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Moosebucks' asks....'Do you choose your homeowner's coverage and deductibles factoring the same way as your car insurance?'

I hope participants base their insurance coverage and deductibles on their specific circumstances and risk factors like location. Looking at the news reports of on going natural disaster has been mind boggling. Do you have an 'Emergency Fund' to cover higher deductibles and extra, unpredictable B&E expenses without traumatizing your regular cash flow? Do you have photos of your stuff if you needed to verify?

How secure is your home? How vulnerable is it to being identified as a target for mischief? If a renter, do you have appropriate insurance? Do you have sticker suggesting security service whether actually contracted or not? Do you have deadlock door bolts? Do you have motion sensor activated outdoor lighting? Do you occasionally leave your home with a window open? Are lower level windows provided privacy via shrubbery? A dog that barks to announce visitors is also a factor.
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