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Interesting discussion and I don't know how I missed it. I know that part of my trouble with my AO and RA is my weight which I managed to put on over the space of the first 4 years I was married. I was active, had a job most of the time where I ran my tail off up and down the halls and about the only time I got to sit was for writing nurses notes and lucky times that I could get to the bathroom (yes, most nurses could use a catherter on shift!).

My hardest thing is my non-arthritis doctors that would like to see me on a diet that consists of food that takes prep which at this point in my life is very difficult to do. When I can barely stand for more than 2-3 minutes, it is hard to make a meal. And it doesn't help that I am always tired. But when the same person recommends the same thing each time I see them, it gets a bit old hat to tell them once again, that I can't do it. Funny thing, my arthritis doctors get it and just shake their heads at the other doctors. They can tell from the sort of person I am I would be doing what I could if I could. I can't afford a cook and not eligible for meals on wheels.

I due know that the excess weight truly effected my life in a bad way. As did the marriage as a whole. Believe me I don't want to be this big. I would love to take walks and was still taking them up to a few years ago. Today I barely made it to the mailbox and back and I wasn't sure if I was going to collapse or not before I got inside the front door. No one wants to live that way and that is for sure.

I am getting so tired of everything having to be so PC anymore it makes me sick. I do a lot of reviews and an author asked me to read and review her books. I hadn't read such a PC children's book before. In the classroom and equal mix of girls and boys, children of all colors, a child with two moms, etc. and I didn't recognize hardly any of the children's names as everyone seems to be making up their kids names now. You know what? All that PC nonsense took most of the interest out of the story. And the author never asked me to review another one of her books.

Anyhow, obese or not all of us are entitled to the best care anywhere. And controlling our weight is part of what the patient can do to help themselves.

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