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Originally Posted by creditcardfree View Post
Do you refer to a nutritionist if someone is overweight?
Sometimes. It depends on the patient. A patient needs to be ready to address the problem. Sadly, a great many patients not only aren't ready to lose weight, they don't even agree that they need to. I've actually had many patients come to see me asking how they can gain weight even though they are already severely obese.

I do my best to make them understand how dangerous their obesity is and all of the health problems it is causing or putting them at increased risk of developing but in their minds, the heavier they get, the better.

I haven't seen any formal studies to back this up, but my observation has been that as obesity has become the norm in this country, people have simply forgotten what normal is. I've even had obese parents bring in their non-obese child to find out what is wrong with him. It's sad and frustrating.

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