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Unfortunately most doctors have very little knowledge on nutrition. People that do struggle with weight need to see a specialist. Yeah anyone can tell them to eat more salads, less pasta, less sugar, blah blah. Thats not knowing and understanding nutrition. Its a good starter for sure though.

I challenge time you see your doctor and you have high blood pressure or they find you have high blood pressure...ask them what causes it. Guarantee 99.9% of them will say salt intake. Thats what everyone believes. Its complete and utter BS. Some moron did a study on rats in the 50's...gave the rats 50x the recommended amount of sodium and guess what...the rats had increased blood pressure (go figure.) That has stuck ever since. Dont believe me...just do a search yourself. This idea of daily salt intake is spiking your blood pressure is ridiculous yet its regurgitated over and over and over.

Same with high cholesterol and eating eggs. Another BS myth that people run their mouths about.

If you cant find a doctor that doesnt know these 2 then its time to find a new doctor. Maybe someone who is more up to date on current practices.

Look at the food pyramid diagram. The largest section is: bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and other starchy foods. "should be eaten with every meal."
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