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Originally Posted by MooseBucks View Post
I'm glad you responded to this because it is BS. I'd venture to say an overweight person probably has different underlying factors to similar medical conditions than a person who is not overweight. There is more than one cause to back pain etc.
I'm not suggesting that we wouldn't work up and treat an obese patient differently. We're still going to order x-rays and MRIs and physical therapy and pulmonary function testing and EKGs and medication. The problem is we're fighting an uphill battle in most cases.

Look at the diabetes epidemic. As obesity increases, type 2 diabetes increases. The oral medications we have are less and less effective as people get more and more overweight, so more and more people are ending up on insulin. Insulin is very effective but one of it's major side effects is weight gain. So by having to resort to insulin to treat a disease that was caused by the patient's obesity, we're just further aggravating the problem. It becomes a vicious cycle.

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