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We had a lady back in the spring who made reservations for the wrong dates, which meant she no-showed. That cost her $2200.

She charged it back to her cc, they took the money back from us, and then we had to file a dispute.. The lady cited that we "misrepresented" the property.

Of course, we submitted a plethora of evidence to demonstrate that she made the reservation for the wrong dates, and got 5 emails from us confirming the dates.

Three months later we get notice that she is still asserting this and that "a decision has not been made."

They offered us arbitration, but said if we lose it could cost us $500. I said "heck yeah we will go to arbitration". So now we wait two more months!

There is NOTHING to arbitrate! She made a mistake and wants the homeowner to eat it!

If we lose the arbitration i am tempted to sue for the $2200 plus all fees paid to recoup it.

Real honest lady here...
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