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The way I do it Myself is through blogging.
Since I'm an Internet marketer, I've learnt the effective ways of monetizing my blog and have it generate income for me while I'm asleep or on vacation.

As you may be knowing, Internet marketing is a very saturated niche with everyone having something to sell and thus you need to be different.
The best way to make money with a blog is through;

✔ Publishing valuable content.
As you may have heard, CONTENT IS KING.
Focus on over delivering and you will see how people are going to like not only your content but YOU.
This helps you build authority. Which is really important if you are looking at having a life long business.

A common question that I get from wannabe bloggers & bloggers who are starting out: "Where do I get ideas for content?"

Well guess what: You get ideas from forums like this one (My heaven for content ideas), see what's trending in your niche and write blog posts relating to that. (Check out buzzsumo)

✔Give your blog some exposure
Just writing and publishing valuable content is not enough, you need to share it ALL OVER. A good way to do this is by using the power of social media.
Once you've published a blog post share it across the various Facebook groups that you are a member of. (Join various blog sindication groups and you will see some magic)

✔Market you products through your blog.
I personally have a page on my blog that has some of the products that I have on sale and each product has a description and a buy button. This is really good since a visitor can decide to buy a product right on the spot once he visits this page. (You don't have to convince him like you would probably do in email marketing)

Keep on publishing great content and learn some seo tricks and you will see some great results.

All the best and God bless.