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I used to drop ship ak47 parts kits when it was legal to sell them on eBay. I was buying them for $50 and selling them like hotcakes for $95, Imust of sold over 100 pieces without shipping a single one

A little trick to protect yyourself from the bad egg buyer is to use 2 PayPal accounts. 1 account that receives the funds from the buyer, then you transfer the funds to another PayPal account. Once funds are in pp account #2 then withdrawal to your bank. If there is a dispute from your buyer the funds will be overdrawn on acct #1 and you just abandon it. Open a new account to receive funds, your withdrawing pp account will always be "clean". I've got 4 or 5 abandoned pp accounts with negative balances. This is especially helpful when selling high dollar items like gold and silver, buyers always try to get over you on high dollar items. I lost $180 one time and only 1 time