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Speaking of Amazon, here are my sales for today- two sales

This is how much $$ I made- $26.29

I spent .99 cents each item (no tax)
I bought them while on the clock thrifting with one of my clients. I list and take photos while at work too. I usually have more than enough time... even after doing so much more than what's expected. I do the postage on my own time at home.
Better than a kick in the pants I suppose.... I stopped selling on Ebay a while back to try Etsy instead. A lady filed a case against me on Ebay, item not received. Showed it was w/tracking then depsite ebays rules, somehow she opened up a second case saying item was not "described fully" huh?? I won that too. Then she appeaed and I won that too so Ebay said they would refund her, why I don't know. But I am not resposible for refunding her. Yet Ebay keeps my paypal overdrawn for that amount of that sale and me bouncing back from calling paypal to ebay to fix to no avail. Both entities lie and have every excuse in the book to keep paypal in a negative balance pointing fingers at each other for the descrepancy.
I blocked paypal from taking $$ out of my bank acct so I think they are angry and won't admit they tried to steal from me to no avail. Ebay paid a scammer off, good for them, but I have no interest in funding ebay's thieves.


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