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Originally Posted by TexasHusker View Post
I may be dreaming this but it seemed like my dr said diet was just as bad because of the heavy sodium content instead of sugar, which affects your blood pressure ?
Originally Posted by disneysteve View Post
Nope. A 12-oz can of Diet Coke has only 40mg of sodium. That's practically nothing.
I was actually just reading about this last week, the problem with diet sodas is really just that the artificial sweeteners trigger the release of insulin, which leads to low blood sugars and stronger hunger cravings. Unless you have the willpower enough to overcome hunger cravings, the artificial sweeteners can lead you to eating more calories than the soda would have given you. I'm not a scientist, so this is only a guess, but that effect might be reduced somewhat by drinking diet sodas with other food. That way, the insulin release would be less impactful, as your body will already have food to work on to return your levels to normal... But again, just a non-scientific theory.

I any case, if I have an eating/drinking vice, it's ice cream. I love good ice cream (which is also more expensive than your basic store brand vanilla), so it doesn't last long when it's in the house. So to mitigate it, I basically just don't buy it. My willpower is good in the grocery store (thank you shopping list), but awful at home. Lol
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