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Soda and carbonated water.

Since I don't have any other vices, I really don't give a flip about the soda. But I suppose that also goes with keeping it well within a reasonable level of moderation. I doubt I spend more than $10/month on the above. (No one else in my house will drink any of the above).

Of course, I don't buy the cheapest soda that I can find. I keep it to the 8 oz cans because those are reasonable servings. I've kind of gone round and round over the years, but that seems to work best for me. (Sometimes I buy 2 liters because they are cheaper, or sometimes I have only had soda when eating out. Every once in a while I stop buying the small cans because everyone picks on me how expensive those are. But I think I am at a point where I just don't give a flip because that does seem to work best for me).
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