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Things to Do with Your Wedding Dress after the Big Day

Interesting Things To Do With Your Wedding Dress After The Big Day
On your wedding day, it’s all about that big fluffy, lacy, sensual and beautiful white wedding dress – well almost always white. But let’s face it; after the big day, most girls just stash their wedding dress somewhere deep within the recesses of their closet and probably take a second look only after the bugs have feasted over the fabric and the intricate detailing. Unfortunately, by then it’s too late, and a couple of thousand bucks have already gone to waste.

But why waste it? There’s so much that you can do with your wedding dress after slipping out of it at the end of the day! If you’re short on ideas, keep reading!

Make Your First Anniversary Special

Anniversaries are a big deal for a lot of couples – and if they’re not for you, they should be! Don’t forget to make special plans. And while you’re at it, why not crop your wedding dress to transform it into custom lingerie for your first anniversary – and beyond?

Decorate Your Nest

If you’ve always been one of the artsy kinds, then this should be fun for you. Use your wedding dress in pieces of art or linen to commemorate your big day whilst adding a personal touch to your home decor. Fashion a wall hanging with your wedding invitation and a swatch taken off your dress to cover up a rather hideously empty spot on your walls, or cut it into beautiful runners and mats for tables. In case yours was exquisitely embroidered, pillows or cushions for your bedroom would be an even more romantic idea. These are smart and personal ways of repurposing your dress.

A Different Shade

If you really have spent a fortune on your wedding dress, then you’re probably not going to want to cut it up into pieces. But what you could do is have it dyed into a different color so that you could reuse it as just another party ensemble. White is high maintenance and obviously very wedding-day-like. Try something else; pastel palettes are always a safe bet, or something really dark, but just make sure to have it dyed evenly in case you’ve got a blend of fabrics and detailing. Otherwise you just might end up turning a beautiful memory into a nightmare!

Trash It – Creatively

Nobody likes to trash something that’s beautiful. But you can do it in a very creative way. Create some unique photographs of him and you in a non-wedding situation. In case you couldn’t fashion a unique-themed wedding day for yourself, this would be your chance to go all out a second time. Beach sand and couture make an exceptionally stunning combination. Or you could try some underwater kissing shots while scuba diving in your wedding dress. What does your hubby like? Try doing that with him in your wedding dress, and take pictures for some fun memories down the years.

Make an Earring Stand

Earrings can be difficult to manage – they’re delicate, tiny, and useless when separated. Well, can’t really do much about that, can you? Maybe you can. If you’ve got some pretty lace on your wedding dress, tear a bit of it and fix it in a hollow frame to make an earring stand for your dressing table. Once you pull them off your ears, you wouldn’t need to throw them around here and there and worry later. Just pin’em up on your lacy earring holder.

Save It

If you’re not up for ripping your beautiful wedding dress into a million pieces, then just save it for another occasion. Keep it for your daughter’s wedding and have it passed down as a family heirloom. Or maybe throw a wedding dress costume party with all your married friends to share interesting wedding moments and stories.

And if for some reason the marriage doesn’t work out, you can always tear it apart and set it on fire!

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