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Calling All Financial Advisors: Thought Leadership Opportunities

By , April 13th, 2018

An emerging leader in the newest generation of personal finance blogs, District Media Finance LLC seeks to forge content partnerships with licensed financial professionals who want to position themselves as thought leaders online. Although this is an unpaid opportunity it’s priceless as a business development channel for your financial advisory or securities brokerage work. Our […]


Invest Vs. Pay off Your Debt: Which One is Better for You?

By , February 14th, 2018

There are some people who rely on debts just to pay off something that requires money then and there. There are also some people who turn to investing their money in stocks, for example, and they reap the rewards of having a passive income stream. But of course, as with all other things, there are […]


Top 10 Stocks Owned by Members of Congress in 2018

By , February 5th, 2018

The American people look to the members of Congress to stand up for us in the Capitol. Some even look to them for financial advice. Studies have shown that United States Senators beat market averages by about 12 percent annually. So, what are the top 10 stocks Congress owns? It has been argued time and […]


10 Warren Buffett Money Tips Everyone Should Follow

By , February 5th, 2018

If you want to get the most out of your money, it makes sense to listen to people who know a thing or two about it. Finding a financial mentor is a great way of doing this, but if you can’t find one right away, following tips from those who are well-respected in different financial […]


What Is Financial Spread Betting?

By , January 10th, 2018

Financial spread betting is the practice of speculating on the change in price of a particular security or financial instrument. Investors do not actually own the asset that they are speculating on, but are betting on whether or not the price of that particular asset will rise or fall. It is a form of derivative […]


Is the Stock Market Open on Christmas Day 2017?

By , December 20th, 2017

Active traders need to know when the stock market is open and closed. Missing a day that the market is open can significantly impact the value of your stocks. Market openings and closings can be confusing during the holidays, in particular during Christmas week. Are the stock markets open on Christmas Day? When people refer […]


Stock Market Holiday Schedule 2018

By , December 7th, 2017

The two best-known stock markets in the United States are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the NASDAQ. The two together are generally considered “the stock market” when people are discussing stocks in the US. Both the NYSE and NASDAQ have the exact same holiday schedule, so they’re open and closed on the same […]


Donating Investments

By , November 13th, 2017

The season of giving is upon us. Stores will start playing Christmas music, friends and families will come together, and gifts will be exchanged. During this time of year, donations ramp up. According to an article written by USA Today, 34% of annual giving is done in the last three months of the year. This […]


How to Teach Kids About Investing

By , October 19th, 2017

Investing is a very important part of finance. You invest to grow your nest egg for retirement and you invest to grow a college savings account for your children. Learning how to teach kids about investing is an important responsibility you take on as a parent because they probably won’t learn about it at school. […]


Paying Off Debt Or Investing? Don’t Make These Mistakes

By , October 18th, 2017

So you have this dilemma: Should you be focused on paying off debt? Or should you use the extra cash to invest? The answer? It totally depends. Before you decide what to do, take advantages of these tricks: Focus On Paying Off Debt With High Interest Rates “The bank wanted me to sell those customers that […]

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