"The gambling known as business looks with austere disfavor upon the business known as gambling." - Ambrose Bierce

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Underfunded Pensions-Be Prepared

By , August 3rd, 2018

It is becoming more and more clear that that many cities and states will never be able to fulfill their pension promises. Over the past 20 years most states and many cities have been increasing pension benefits. These benefits plus health care for public employees is at an unsustainable pace. This will eventually lead to […]


Calvin McDonald To Take Reins At Lululemon

By , August 1st, 2018

Laurent Potdevin resigned as CEO of Lululemon after public admission of an affair with a subordinate in February 2018. Since then, the company has been on the hunt for a new leader to join the team. On July 24, Lululemon announced¬†the new CEO would be Calvin McDonald.¬† The 46-year-old president and CEO of Sephora‚Äôs America‚Äôs […]


Great Marijuana Stocks to Invest in Now

By , July 31st, 2018

As more states embrace recreational and medicinal marijuana, the once taboo industry is taking the investing world by storm. One estimate suggests the US marijuana industry could reach a value of $25 billion by 2020. With this significant growth potential, marijuana stocks may be of interest to investors. The legal cannabis sector is already worth […]


Why Real Estate

By , July 31st, 2018

It‚Äôs hard to live in any major city in the US at this point in time and not recognize the vast amounts of money there are to be made via real estate investment. That being said, whether its venture capitalism, stocks, and bonds, or cryptocurrency, you also undoubtedly recognize that there are other profitable investment […]


What Is a 26(f) Program? Here’s What You Should Know

By , July 30th, 2018

Financial advisors and news outlets have been talking about the 26(f) program over the last couple of years. But unless you follow the news carefully or have heard about it through financial newsletters or other advertisements, you may not know exactly what a 26(f) program is. A 26(f) program is an investment account with tax […]


Index Card Financial Advice: Everything You Need to Know on a 3×5

By , July 24th, 2018

We’ve all wished at some point in our lives that we knew more about finance. Many consumers wish they had just a bit of financial expertise. Just enough to ensure that the decisions they were making with their money were good decisions. University of Chicago Professor Harold Pollack figured out a way to make us […]


What to Do with Your Investments Before and After Earnings Season

By , July 17th, 2018

Earnings season is the period where a substantial number of publicly traded companies release quarterly earnings reports. Most commonly, each earnings season starts one to two weeks after the previous quarter closes. Since the earnings reports showcase company profits, it‚Äôs an important time for investors. Everyone learns whether a company met, beat, or fell below […]


Will The Netflix Earnings Statement Beat the Street?

By , July 13th, 2018

This month, Netflix earnings statement¬† for Q2 2018 will be¬† released. Many investors and analysts expect the company to share positive news, especially after their strong performance during the previous two quarters. Netflix is scheduled to make its next earnings announcement, reflecting Q2 performance, on July 16, 2018. Analysts forecast earnings per share (EPS) of […]


Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review-Are 300% Returns Possible?

By , July 12th, 2018

If you‚Äôre interested in personal finance, you may have run across the Motley Fool. The Motley Fool is the brainchild of brothers Tom and David Gardner. The Gardners are stock pickers. And they have a controversial history – some have called them “visionaries”, others say their stock picks have returned over 300%. Other consumers feel […]


Promising Sectors to Invest in 2018

By , July 11th, 2018

With changing markets, consumer demands, and technological developments, what‚Äôs hot to invest in changes slightly from year to year. If you are a casual investor looking for new sectors to branch out to, looking for those likely to generate returns in the coming years. These may change, of course. In any case, new investors should […]

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