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Planet Fitness Holiday Hours and Schedule

By , November 22nd, 2017

In more recent years you’ve probably seen Planet Fitness buildings popping up around your hometown. The franchise has taken America by storm. It hosts more than 6 million members across 48 states. It is known for its low membership prices and 24-hour services. Planet Fitness, which prides itself on being a “judgement-free zone” for people […]


Amazon Begins Offering Free Turkey Promotion

By , November 21st, 2017

Update: At a time when offline supermarkets appear to have backed off giving away free turkey, Amazon is debuting this type of promotion for the first time ever. Amazon Begins Offering Free Turkey The online mega-retailer is leveraging its acquisition of Whole Foods to try to get more people hooked on Amazon Fresh by offering […]


List of Stores Closed on Thanksgiving Day 2017

By , November 21st, 2017

There was a time when Thanksgiving Day meant major retail outlets were closed for the day. That’s no longer the case. Even though it only started three years ago with a few retailers making the decision to open their doors on Thanksgiving Day to get an early jump on the holiday shopping season, it’s now […]


What Time Do Stores Open on Thanksgiving Day?

By , November 21st, 2017

Over the last few years, consumers have seen Black Friday creep into Thanksgiving Day when it comes to sales at retail outlets, and the beginning of the holiday shopping season. While there are still stores holding out and refusing to open on Thanksgiving Day, more and more stores are, and they’re opening at earlier and […]


What is Open and What is Closed on Thanksgiving?

By , November 21st, 2017

In modern times, when we think of Thanksgiving, we primarily think of family, feasting and reflecting on things we appreciate. Black Friday has become a part of this celebration and really took off following the 1924 Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Retailers quickly saw how the discounts drew in crowds for Christmas shopping and a tradition was […]


Halloween Saving Advice

By , October 30th, 2017

This weekend and the two days following, we will have thousands of parties and millions of trick-or-treaters coming to our homes. This is a great time to spend with family and friends, and a wonderful time to see the excitement and joy on our children’s faces. Unfortunately, this time of year can come with a […]


The Teal Pumpkin Project Helps Trick-or-Treating Kids with Food Allergies

By , October 29th, 2017

For most kids, Halloween is a time of gathering as many sugar-filled snacks as they possibly can. There are a minority of children, however, where parents must check their kids’ Halloween trick-or-treat bag filled with goodies for more than general safety reasons. Children with food allergies can end up with a bag filled with life-threatening […]


Does Halloween 2017 Fall on a Full Moon?

By , October 27th, 2017

  Witches, black cats and a full moon – what’s more Halloween that that? Will we be seeing a perfect trifecta at Halloween this year? There’s a lot of moon folklore. Farmers believe corn planted under a waning moon grows slower but yields larger ears. Some believe babies born a day after a full moon enjoy […]


What Kind of Halloween Candy Is the Cheapest?

By , October 27th, 2017

  The article title has two meanings. First, this article will explain which kinds of candy are the cheapest. This will allow you to either pass out tons of candy for Halloween or pocket the excess money and pass out the normal amount. Which the normal amount of candy to pass out this Halloween is […]


Most Popular Halloween Candy 2017

By , October 27th, 2017

The last thing anyone wants is to spend money on unpopular Halloween candy. If this happens, no one wins. The kids aren’t overjoyed by your generosity and you’ll be stuck with candy no one likes. It may even damage your reputation in the neighborhood if you become known as the house that hands out the […]

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