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Pharmacies Open on Sunday

By , April 3rd, 2017

Since illness pays little attention to what day of the week it is, you may need an open pharmacy on a Sunday. According to the 2016 National Pharmacy Survey conducted by healthcare data provider SK&A the top four pharmacies in the United States are CVS Pharmacy, Wallgreens, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart. If you are looking […]


What Millennials Want From Their Health Insurance

By , April 2nd, 2017

Health insurance is a controversial issue in America right now. Millennials now make up the biggest part of the workforce and they want more from their health insurance. These are the five most important things millennials want from their health insurance policies. 1.      They Want Instant Gratification Millennials are a skeptical generation and they know […]


Car Free: Living In America Without A Car

By , March 27th, 2017

It comes as a shock to most people I meet, but I don’t own a car. Three years ago I was thousands of dollars in debt and something had to give. I decided that it would be my car. When I made the decision my friends and family thought that I was crazy. Truth be […]


Managing A Financial Windfall

By , August 25th, 2016

Financial windfalls are double edged swords.  One the one hand, you have a large sum of money. On the other, you can be placed into a situation you are not prepared to handle. Sales of real estate or businesses usually involve the conversion of an liquid asset into large amounts of ready cash – presenting […]


10 Money Saving Uses For Flour

By , July 28th, 2016

Croissants. Shepherds Pie. Cake.  Whats the common ingredient in all these dishes?  Flour! Even if cooking isn’t your interest, there are plenty of good reasons to keep a sack of flour in your kitchen.  Did you know this household staple has a number of uses that don’t involve being a food ingredient?  Here are ten […]


DNA Analysis of Healthy Breast Tissue May Indicate Risk of Cancer

By , January 30th, 2016

Fighting against cancer has been an ongoing focus of research centers.  Research has shown that certain foods can help cancer patients through treatment and proton therapy may help children’s brain cancer.  Most recently, scientists have also found out more information regarding breast cancer, one of the leading causes of death in the United States. According […]


Baby Contracts Scurvy After Almond Milk Diet

By , January 23rd, 2016

Caring for your children, as a parent, is one of the most rewarding things. Sometimes, however, you don’t always get everything right. Sometimes the kids get sick, they have a reaction to something you fed them or they may even get hurt playing outside. It isn’t often that a baby turns up with “the sailors […]


Combination and Supervised Exercise Can Help Improve Health

By , December 31st, 2015

When it comes to personal finances, one of the best investments you can make is keeping yourself as healthy as possible. The healthier you are, the less you’ll need to spend on healthcare, and the related expenses which come with it. This can literally be thousands of dollars a year, so any simple steps you […]


The Healthcare Marketplace Is Open For 2016 Coverage

By , November 5th, 2015

It’s that time of year again. As if the holidays weren’t enough struggle, the Healthcare Marketplace is open once again. If you’re looking to find new health insurance or looking to get coverage under the Affordable Care Act, here are a few things you should know: Healthcare Marketplace Facts Anyone who doesn’t currently have health […]


What to Give out Instead of Halloween Candy

By , October 13th, 2015

  Did you run out of Halloween candy? Or are you a rebel who wants to break from tradition? Are you a health-conscious person who wants to spread the lifestyle? It doesn’t matter the reason, you needn’t give out candy as a Halloween treat. Keep in mind that Halloween is a fairly new holiday. Your […]

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