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What is Passive Income?

By , April 3rd, 2017

Would you like to like to make money while you eat, sleep, and relax? If you are like many individuals who desire to make money without having a job, then you need to create passive income. What is passive income exactly? What Is Passive Income Passive income is income received on a regular basis without […]


How to Make Passive Income

By , March 31st, 2017

I recently heard someone say that they made enough passive income last month to support themselves. She made $4,000 in one month and didn’t have to actively work. Sounds like a dream come true, right? So, I decided to find out how to make passive income. Step One: Why Do You Want Passive Income? Before […]


Ways to Make Passive Income Online

By , July 20th, 2016

Passive income has widespread appeal – everyone likes the idea of getting a lot of money without having to work for it.¬† However, the reality of passive income is very different.¬† Successful passive income models typically involve large upfront investments of cash or time.¬†¬† Making passive income online is no exception.¬† Successful online passive income […]


How to Generate Passive Income

By , July 19th, 2016

Would you like to get rich with pretty much no effort? If so, you are probably interested in passive income. Investopedia defines passive income as “earnings an individual derives from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which he or she is not actively involved.” Popular culture, however, defines it as any money […]


Why You Should Have Passive Income

By , July 18th, 2016

Passive income has been a hot topic in personal finance forums for quite some time. If you’ve read anything about it, it sounds like a dream. You invest a certain amount of time or money (or both) into a project and eventually you’re money starts making money for you. If you’ve been pondering creating some […]


Best Passive Income Jobs

By , July 11th, 2016

Passive income is a great way to support yourself as you have fun enjoying life. You generally choose when you work or make your money work for you. There are so many great ways to make passive income that this may make you wonder which passive income route is right for you. Finding the right […]


The Best Passive Income Opportunities

By , July 8th, 2016

You may have heard people talking about “passive income” and how they paid for retirement or another huge life event with the money they made passively. Passive income is income received on a regular basis without much effort aside from the initial investment of time. For example, if you‚Äôve decided to create an eBook about […]


10 Ways to Make Passive Income

By , July 7th, 2016

Whether you have a 9-5 job and want extra income or want to leave your 9-5 all together, making passive income is an excellent option for making more money. Many celebrities and other successful people have used passive income to create a nest egg. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger gets most of his current income from […]


More Ways to Make Passive Income

By , June 23rd, 2016

Do you dream of making money in your sleep? You can achieve this by creating passive income. There are many ways to create passive income streams, and some require more time and effort than others. Here are four of the easiest ways to make passive income. Sell Stock Photography If you enjoy taking high quality […]


Passive Income Ideas That Will Make You Money

By , June 22nd, 2016

Passive income is the holy grail of the personal finance world.¬† The prospective of having income without actively working for it is appealing to everyone who recognizes the limits of trading your time for money.¬† If you’d like to¬†generate some¬†passive income but don‚Äôt know where to begin, here is a list of a few ideas […]

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