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Hair Care Myths to Ignore While Saving Money On Hair Care

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saving money on hair care
You have probably always heard that dying your hair is bad and that box dye is twice the trouble, or that blow drying your hair will damage it. These are just a couple of the many myths stopping you from saving money on hair care.

Saving Money On Hair Care With Shampoo

You may have heard that you need to change your shampoo and other hair care products every-so-often or they¬†won’t be effective. This is a myth! If the products you are using are working, keep using them. You don’t have to switch it up unless you want to.

And don’t let hairstylists at the salon talk you into buying their¬†items. For the most part, the stylists have been given educational material from the product manufacturers. This leads them to recommend items that may not always be the best for your hair (plus, they want the sale).

You don’t need to wash your hair every day, either. Pay attention to how your hair feels to¬†determine whether or not it needs to be washed.¬†If you really want to save money on hair care, try out a dry shampoo. Not only will you save money on water by not washing your hair, but you will save money on shampoo too.

Finally, beware of the claims on your hair care bottles. There is no such thing as “oil control” shampoo. Oil on your scalp is hormone-related. You’ll also want to be wary of most volumizing shampoos. They, in fact, add weight to your hair and can sometimes pull it down, making it look flat. If you really want to save money on hair care, find a shampoo, dry shampoo, and conditioner you love and stick to it!

That being said, you’ll probably want to shell out at least $50 for your shampoo collection, but it will last quite a while. If your hair is dyed, washing your hair with quality shampoo can ensure your color lasts longer.

Hair Dye

It’s okay to color your hair, as long as you are going darker, according to Health.com. Otherwise, you are stripping your hair of its color, and essentially stripping it of nutrients. Meanwhile, dying your hair darker can help thicken the strands of your hair, giving it a fuller look. Typically, you want to stay away from dying processes that involve bleach.

Keep in mind, allowing a professional to take care of your hair can help ensure you won’t irreparably¬†damage your hair (meaning you won’t have to shave your head and start anew). However, going to a salon is pretty costly. If you are looking to¬†drastically change your look, you can spend up to $500 treating and dying your hair. Individuals seeking a simple cut-and-dye at a professional salon are still looking at paying at least $75.

On the flip side, while many salon¬†professionals may say box dye damages your hair, there’s no proof saying that it is any¬†more damaging to your hair than what the salon does. Switching to a box dye could save you anywhere from $60 to hundreds of dollars a month.

Other Hair Care Tips

Another key tip in saving money on hair care is to remember that not all products will work the same for everyone. If you are looking for hair growth, for instance, most treatments are more effective on women than men. Ironically, men are statistically more likely to go bald.

Don’t spend money on repairing split ends. You technically can’t repair split ends. The only way to get rid of them is by cutting your hair. If you really want to help your split ends and encourage healthy hair, cut down on brushing. People who comb or brush their hair too often will find it to be brittle and break often.

You’ve probably also heard that heat can damage your hair. This is true, but you shouldn’t allow your hair to completely air dry either. The longer your hair is wet, the more susceptible it is to damage. The best course of action is to gently squeeze your hair with a towel (don’t scrub it!). Then, once it has air dried lightly, use a hairdryer to finish the job.

So, When Should You Go To A Salon?

¬†This article may not seem to favor salons, however, they can be (and are) beneficial for many individuals. Those who benefit the most from heading to a salon vs. DIY hair care are people with hair that is considered to be out of the norm. For instance, people with extremely curly hair will need to seek a professional’s help for cutting and styling their hair. Trying to cut or dye your own hair at home can go very, very wrong. Generally, if you aren’t confident in your skills, get someone else to do it. This will help you save money (and potentially save you some emotional duress as well).

Overall, if you put a little money into the products you use on your hair, to begin with, you’ll save cash in the long run.

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