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2018’s Top Summer Vacation Destinations

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top summer vacation destinations
Tens of millions of Americans will travel this summer. Now where in the world are they headed?

Top Summer Vacation Destinations

About two thirds of American families expect to do at least some amount of domestic travel this summer.

Below are the top summer vacation destinations in the U.S. this year, according to AAA statistics.

1. Orlando

Florida — and more specifically, Orlando — has been a top summer destinations for years because of its famous amusements parks and resorts. It is home to 13 theme parks and hundreds of hotels and resorts. If you live on the mainland of the U.S. (not Hawaii), you could arguably drive to Orlando.

2. Alaska

Alaska gives a whole new meaning to a summer day — it lasts a full 24 hours for most of the season. The sun doesn’t set at all from May 10 through August 14. During this time, the northernmost U.S. state is a popular destination for summer cruises.

3. Seattle

People traveling to this city this summer are looking forward to enjoying the mild Seattle weather. Although it rains a good part of the year in Seattle, the summertime is relatively dry.

4. Los Angeles

Although it’s popular year-round, summertime is peak season for the amusement parks and attractions near L.A. Within a reasonable distance of the city, visitors can check out Disneyland, Disneyland California Adventure Park, and Universal Studios Hollywood.

International Destinations

More than a third of families planning a vacation this summer will travel internationally, according to AAA. The following cities rank as the most popular destinations outside the U.S.

5. Rome

Rome has increased in popularity because it has become more affordable due to local economic and political factors. In an attempt to attract more visitors to the country, hotels and tour operators have been posting discount packages on Groupon.

6. Vancouver

One of Canada’s most cosmopolitan cities, Vancouver enjoys pleasant weather in the summer — it’s actually warm and sunny enough for the beach or even hiking outdoors.

7. Dublin

An increasing number of Irish travel packages have become available in recent years. July and August are Ireland’s warmest months, although that’s very relative:  The hottest it normally gets is 70° F. On the other hand, the sun stays out until 11 p.m., letting everyone get the most out of every summer vacation day.

8. London

London is a favorite among vacationers, even though the British weather is fairly unpredictable. Summer is peak travel season, when the British Museum, Big Ben and other attractions enjoy a lot of traffic.

9. Paris

Much like London , Paris will always be a favorite destination for vacationers. If you haven’t booked your flight yet, schedule it in August, which is usually more affordable than June and July.

Readers, where are you headed this summer?

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