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Dress To Impress: 33 Subscription Boxes for Women

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Monthly subscription box for womenYou can change your look for less than a Franklin a month and not have to worry about taking them to the cleaners.

The apparel industry has exploded with startups trying to emulate Netflix’s business model. Only instead of sending you DVDs that you return at your leisure, you get a box or bag full of clothing, apparel, jewelry, beauty products, or combinations thereof — some of them for keeps and others you send back for new duds.

Like other types of subscription commerce, these offerings have a very specific appeal: people who don’t have time to shop yet want a regular supply of new duds. In most cases, you’re essentially renting these items with the option to purchase the ones you like (for more money).

This model might not jibe with everyone’s budgets, especially for people accustomed to discounts. Additionally, if you have very specialized tastes, you might not find any of the subscriptions to your liking. However, there’s enough selection available that you might find something that works for you if you shop around.

Apparel Subscription Boxes for Women

Here’s a quick glimpse at 33 different subscription boxes for women.

1. Adore Me

What You Get: Lingerie tailored to your preferences.

What You Pay: $24.95 a month plus free exchanges.

2. Addidas Avenue A

What You Get: Every three months, you get a surprise combination of three to five pieces of  footwear, apparel, and accessories in your size.

What You Pay: $150 quarterly.

3. Barbella Box

What You Get: A box of fitness gear, apparel, snacks, supplements and workout tips.

What You Pay: $49.99 monthly, plus your first box is free.

4. Beau Undies

What You Get: Receive women’s panties in your size and desired style.

What You Pay: $13.99 monthly including shipping.

5. BootayBag

What You Get: A bag of women’s panties in your size.

What You Pay: $12 monthly.

6. Ellie Fit Fashionista

What You Get: Three to five active-wear garments plus an accessory.

What You Pay: $39.95 or $49.95 monthly.

7. Dia & Co.

What You Get: Five plus-size garments that fit your style and budget.

What You Pay: $20 styling fee, then you pay for what you keep and return the rest.

8. Elizabeth & Clarke

What You Get: One to three blouses per quarter, based on the amount you choose.

What You Pay: Starts at $20 per shirt.

9. Enjoy Leggings

What You Get: Receive a pair of leggings every month.
What You Pay: $16.95 monthly.

10. Fabletics

What You Get: Get a complete workout outfit once a month, and if you don’t like any of the choices, you can opt to skip the month so you won’t be charged.

What You Pay: Starts at $49.95 monthly — plus when you join you get two pairs of leggings for $24.

11. Frank And Oak Style Plan

What You Get: Receive garments monthly based on your designated style preferences — you have 48 hours to make any changes before it’s shipped to you.

What You Pay: Cost of clothing (25% off) or $25 styling fee if all items are returned.

12. Frock Box

What You Get: Each month, receive five pieces of clothing to try on — keep what you want and send back the rest.

What You Pay: $24.95 to $79 per item that you keep.

13. Golden Tote

What You Get: Choose from the small tote (two to three pieces of clothing) or the large tote (five to six pieces of clothing).

What You Pay:$49 for the small tote, $149 for the big tote.

14. Gwynnie Bee

What’s in the Box: Choose from one to 10 garments at a time; there’s no time limit on how long you hang on to the items; you can wear them and return them, buy ones you want to keep or any combination thereof.

What You Pay: Starts at $35 for a one-garment subscription.

15. Hanee21

What you get: Get two boutique garments a month in your size, favorite colors and styles — plus a free gift when you start.

What You Pay: $35 monthly.

16. Infinite Style by Ann Taylor

What You Get: Rent three garments at a time and return them for a new box.

What You Pay: $95 monthly, including shipping; plus if you decide to keep anything, you can buy it at a discounted price.

17. Le Tote

What You Get: Three garments and two accessories come in a tote each month for you to wear and return.

What You Pay: $49 monthly — plus if you decide to keep any of the items, you buy them.

18. Lootwear for Her

What You Get: Each month you receive a gaming or geeky-themed garment or accessory.

What You Pay: $19.99 monthly, including shipping.

19. Luxe Catch

What You Get: Receive one to three designer garments with a $200 value.

What You Pay: $50 monthly, plus get 15% off your first box.

20. Ozone Socks’ Sock of the Month Club

What You Get: Receive seven pairs of socks over a six-month period or 13 pairs over a 12-month period.

What You Pay: $75 for six months or $150 for a full year — and with the latter you get an extra pair of socks

21. Penny and Grace

What You Get: Receive three items of jewelry per month.

What You Pay: $19.99 monthly.

22. Plvsh Style

What You Get: Receive a few plus-size outfits a month according to your tastes and size.

What You Pay: $25 monthly styling fee that would go toward any garments you choose to keep and buy.

22. Rent the Runway

What You Get: Three tiers of plans, starting with one that rents you one outfit for four to eight days at a time; another that gets you four pieces a month; and a deluxe offering with supposedly unlimited access to designer dresses, accessories, tops, and skirts, including free shipping and dry cleaning.

What You Pay: the first tier is $30 monthly, the next level up is $89 monthly (with 20% off the first month), and the unlimited plan is $159 monthly (but $99 the first month).

23. Rocksbox

What You Get: Borrow three items of jewelry per month and return them for another batch.

What You Pay: $21 monthly, plus if you decide to keep anything you purchase the items.

24. Say It with a Sock

What You Get: Sign up for six or 12 months at a time and get a different pair of socks each month.

What You Pay: $11.99 monthly.

25. Shoedazzle VIP

What You Get: You have until the fifth day of every month to select shoes to go into your monthly shipment or opt to skip for that month.

What You Pay: $39.95 monthly — except for months you choose to skip; that amount serves as a credit toward any of the shoes you decide to keep and purchase.

26. Sock Fancy

What You Get: Receive one to six pairs of socks a month in your size and style.

What You Pay: $11 monthly one pair, $19 for two pairs, or $57 for six pairs.

27. Stitch Fix

What You Get: Five garments a month are chosen based on a style profile you create on the site; after you receive the box, you have three days to decide what you want to buy and what you want to send back.

What You Pay: $20 monthly that’s a credit toward any item you decide to buy.

28. Switch

What You Get: Receive one to three pieces of designer jewelry for rent, and if you decide to keep any of them you get a $10 credit toward the purchase price.

What You Pay: $29, $49, and $69 monthly, depending on which tier you choose.

29. TeeBlox

What You Get: Each month receive a different geek-or-gamer-themed tee-shirt featuring graphics from big entertainment brands.

What You Pay: $12.99 monthly.

30. Wantable

What You Get: Receive seven items to try on and decide what you want to keep and what to send back.

What You Pay: $20 monthly plus you pay for any purchases.

31. Threads Box

What You Get: Either get three accessories a month or level it up to a shirt and three accessories.

What You Pay: $12 or $20 monthly, depending on which level you choose.

31. Trunk Club

What You Get: Receive Nordstrom clothing fitting your size, style and budget, chosen each month by a stylist. 

What You Pay: $25 monthly plus you pay for anything you want to keep.

32. UrbaneBox

What You Get: Each month, receive clothes and accessories worth at least $120 retail.

What You Pay: $60 monthly; save $20 on the first month when you use the code save20.

33. The Zoe Report Box of Style

What You Get: Receive $400 worth of style accessories and beauty products every three months.

What You Pay: $99 quarterly.

So Many Boxes

While the large number of offerings in this space might lead you to believe that the apparel subscription box model is here to stay, don’t be so sure. It’s possible that once the novelty wears off, there may be some kind of correction in the subscription box business.

What do you think about the subscription business model. Readers, have you tried any of the apparel subscription boxes mentioned here?

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