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Vegetarian Diet Proven as Effective as Mediterranean Diet

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Vegetarian diet vs Mediterranean diet
Although the so-called Mediterranean diet has been hailed as the go-to for treating devastating (and costly) medical issues, such as heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, researchers have found a vegetarian diet may be just as effective.

A recently published study compared the impact of the Mediterranean vegetarian diets on 107 obese individuals over the span of six months.

When looking at the group of people involved in the study, researchers found both diets to be equally effective in terms of shedding weight, fat, and body mass. Both diets equally benefited the cardiovascular system as well as help cut the risk of disease in the future.

The vegetarian diet specifically helped reduce cholesterol levels in those who followed it, while the Mediterranean diet has been known to help reduce the risk of heart disease. The Mediterranean diet has also been rumored to be easier to follow than a vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian Diet Versus Mediterranean Diet

The main difference between a Mediterranean diet and a vegetarian diet is the meat, of course. Individuals adhering to a vegetarian diet have to find other sources of protein, like beans.

Both diets can be budget-friendly if you shop around. However, cutting meat out of your diet can significantly impact your cashflow. You may find switching to a vegetarian diet may be the diet your wallet always needed.

That isn’t the main takeaway here though. The study’s lead author, Dr. Francesco Sofi, told The Independent, “The take-home message is that a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet is easy and feasible to follow, without any health problems, if well conducted and prepared by an instructed nutritionist. This helps you to reduce some cardiovascular risk factors.”

Readers, what kind of diet do you adhere to?

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