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Albertsons Monopoly Rare Game Piece Scam

By , February 12th, 2018 | 6 Comments »

Albertsons Monopoly Rare Game Piece
The Albertsons Monopoly game is back. Many people are trying to take advantage of the easy ways to win up to $1 million. Who wouldn’t? However, there may be a few people out there who are trying to win as well, but not the fair way. People are trading Monopoly pieces, however, not all people are being honest about what they have. It is important to know the scams that have circulated around the game if you are playing (and trying to win). Most of these scams have been around for the entire eight years the game has been played, but it is important for you to realize the signs of a scam.

Some people would say the entire game is a scam, but believing that to be untrue, the only way you can get scammed during the Albertsons Monopoly game is by the other players. This can happen in a few different ways:

Rare Piece Scam

Trading Monopoly pieces online has not been uncommon in past Monopoly games run by Albertsons or any other company. Generally, message boards, forums and even comments underneath articles will allow for people to communicate about trading pieces.

To win the bigger prizes, you have to encounter some of the more rare pieces of the game. There are some people that will try to trick you out of your prize though. The rare property pieces, like Boardwalk and Park Place, are hard to find. However, people will trade pieces online for money. If someone has Board Walk, they may ask for Park Place. In exchange for the game piece, the person may offer you half of the prize ($500,000).

Albertsons Monopoly Rare Game Piece
Here is where the red flag should go up in your mind. Why would someone be willing to give up half a million dollars for a board piece? Especially, because everyone has the same chances of finding a rare game piece, they would possibly be able to find the other piece need to have the entire $1 million. Also, they could potentially find that other piece for spending much less than $500,000.

However, usually, they will start talking to you about having the $1 million all to yourself. They will simply ask for a small amount of money for the game piece. This seems kind of strange so, of course, you’ll ask why they are willing to do something like that. They will come up with something about a bad divorce or trouble with the IRS.

They will usually only ask for about $5,000 to $10,000 for the rare game piece. Generally, they will ask you to send the money and then they will send the game piece. However, this is where the scam really comes alive. You will send them money, but you will never get the rare game piece, will never see your money again and will likely never be able to contact them again. In fact, most of the scammers have taken fake photos of game pieces to ensure that you will receive the game piece in the mail (but you never do).

No matter what your current financial situation is, do not fall for this scam. Anyone who is claiming to be willing to trade rare Monopoly game pieces is likely scamming you. If you find that someone is trying to do this, contact the site administrator of where you are communicating immediately to alert them to this person’s intentions.

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  • Alexa Mason says:

    If it sounds too good to be true it might be a scam

  • Brose says:

    One has to be careful and handle things legally. Never mail a piece. If they have the wining number for the big bucks they can meet you at your lawyer’s office and he/she can run a background check. No money should change hands until Albertson’s has authenticated all of the pieces from both parties.
    Now, I need ticket # 8Z08H. I have the other pieces, including 8Z07G. Be prepared to be fully checked out. Both names would be submitted to Albertson’s and no money would change hands beforehand. Albertson’s would divide up the money according to our legal agreement.

    • Pagan Wicca says:

      But Albertson’s won’t do that. In fact, in most years their rules specifically say one winner per board. This is expressly so that two people, each with one of the two rare/semi-rare pieces, can’t go in and claim it together.

  • Bambi says:

    This article is dumb. Of course someone would legitimately want to hook up with someone who has a rare game piece, if each has one of the two rare pieces needed. Having only one of the rare pieces by itself is worthless.

  • Jojo says:

    I need 108AH

  • Heather says:

    I need 110BB.


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