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Is Free Shipping Day Worth It?

By , December 12th, 2017 | 4 Comments »

Free Shipping Day

Friday is free shipping day, a day where most online shoppers are getting their last-minute shopping items. “Free Shipping Day” is a day where online shoppers can take advantage of free shipping and other perks. While many online shoppers have come to expect free shipping during the holiday season, today is a little bit different.

Over 1,000 retailers are participating in Friday’s “free shipping” event. Retailers, like Wal-Mart, are waiving their cost minimums for free shipping. Normally, you have to spend at least $50 to qualify for free shipping. However, “free shipping day” provides free shipping no matter how much you spend. Each of the retailers is guaranteeing delivery by Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve), but “free shipping day” may just be another trap. After all, can’t you get free shipping throughout the year?

Free Shipping Day: A Whole Season

“Free shipping day” won’t be the first, or last, time that you’ll ever be able to receive free shipping on an item. The following companies are offering free shipping in different capacities throughout the holidays:

  • Apple – no minimum purchase necessary to receive free shipping throughout the year.
  • COACH – no minimum purchase required. Receive free shipping year-round.
  • MAC Cosmetics – Get free shipping all year with no minimum purchase requirement.
  • Target – no minimum purchase to receive free shipping. Also, $10 off purchases of $50 (and up) and $25 off $100 (and up).
  • HP – no minimum purchase necessary for free shipping. Get up to 50% off most items.
  • Under Armour – you won’t need to make a minimum purchase to get free shipping and you can also get 25% off most items at Under Armour.
  • Overstock – Overstock is a popular site for Christmas shopping and through the season you won’t have to pay for shipping (not just on Free Shipping Day).

Amazon Prime members are offered free shipping all year round as well. Prime members last day for two-day shipping (to be delivered on Christmas Eve) is Dec. 22. Keep in mind, Prime member’s shipping isn’t exactly “free,” members must pay $99 per year for the Prime membership.

Look out for “Free Shipping Day” Deals

Some stores who are participating in “free shipping day” may also be offering some additional perks. Of course, free shipping is already saving you about $10, but some retailers are offering an additional percentage off site-wide. You may even see 30 and 50 percent off site-wide, copying Cyber Monday deals.

Because “free shipping” has become commonplace, many retailers have had to step up and try something new to attract people to their “free shipping day” deals. Many of them are dropping their minimum purchase requirement, and some are not placing a minimum purchase requirement at all. Retailers who are participating in the “free shipping day” event may also be offering some deals on the hotter items of the season like technology, gadgets and the more popular toys of the year.

All in all, Free Shipping Day doesn’t offer any fantastic deals. For the most part, you can get free shipping year-round. However, if you decide to capitalize on any Free Shipping Day deals, be prepared to deal with slower site speeds. Also, remember to have a list of items you are looking for and to not go over your holiday spending budget. Happy shopping!

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